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T20 on Community Day Bangalore

Cricket  is a very popular sport in India. The traditional version of the game goes for 5 days. And a more recent version goes for a single day. But in this age of ultra quick activities, people found this too long for a game and now we have the even shorter version which goes on for just 3 hours. It is called Twenty-twenty and it is becoming a craze in the cricket playing countries. In true 20-20 style, some quick questions and quick answers about Community Day in Bangalore.

Question : What exactly is this Community Day?
Answer : A very good answer has been provided by Rajesh Banka in his Community Day – A day full of joy.. You might know someone in the Community by name and Community Day gives you an opportunity to know that person more.

Question : How does Community Day enable me to know more about someone?
Answer : The whole process starts from breakfast – and believe me I am not joking. You introduce yourself to the person sitting right next to you and start talking. And you might find yourself talking to the person who answered one of your Forum queries. Of course, it also happens formally in the form of speed networking. You also get a chance to attend some sessions after lunch.

Question : When is the Community Day in Bangalore?
Answer : Just have a look at this link. It has everything you need to know about Community Day in Bangalore including the Agenda.

Question : I checked the Agenda for Community Day at Bangalore and found something called “Evening Party“. What is that?
Answer : The whole Community Day happens in an informal atmosphere. But in meeting rooms and conference halls. To change the setting a bit and to have some fun, we have a Evening Party and of course, if you have registered for Community Day you can attend the party as well. Also, the evening before Community Day, we have a small gathering and you can suggest the location and indicate your participation by clicking on this link – Bangalore BarCon 2008.

Question : Have you attended any of the Community Days?
Answer : I had the opportunity to attend the Community Day at Amsterdam 2006 (you can read my experiences Me @ SDN Day Amsterdam) and the Community Day in Bangalore in 2006 and 2007. And I have really enjoyed attending each and every one of them. I will attend Community Day in Bangalore this year. So let’s meet during breakfast on November 11th.

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