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IDM/GRC can inspire CMDM Scenario/Solution for Organizations

MDM Solution

In organization, the master data is created locally in all the required systems. During my Strategy projects for MDM solution, I experienced that organizations are quite reluctant and also not ready to transfer central control of their master data to a central team which is essential for CMDM scenario of MDM solution. It’s the problem faced by others too.


The MDM solution steps are:

Consolidation : The Master data of all the systems is collected in MDM system and consolidated by removing duplicates, enhancing quality etc. The MDM system will only contain *single version of master data* (Golden Records)

Harmonization : The consolidated master data is sent back to respective systems thus all the systems have *single version of master data* (Golden Records) 

CMDM : This is nirvana state of MDM solution whereas the central team gets control of creating and maintaining the master data.  However this requires strong data governance mechanism in place.





IDM/GRC Solution

The IDM/GRC solutions also depict the same issues.

The Users and their roles/authorizations are most important aspect in organizations to run the business. This usually requires the access in multiple systems. The Organizations understand that discrepancy in roles/authorizations of the users among the systems should be avoided. Because of important nature of this, most of the organizations manage their Users and Roles/Authorizations by central system. Management and all units also agree to manage this centrally. This is also required for security, compliances and various reasons. This ensures that master data of all Users and their authorizations are uniform across all the systems in landscape. This also helps in reducing work involved in maintaining master data that exists in multiple systems




Same is true for the master data as well. Master data is the asset of the organizations. It’s a better idea to give the control to central team to manage the master data similar of managing Users and Roles/Authorizations.

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