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BPM Tools of Trade Series: Questions that need to be answered

Business Process Management has evolved in the recent years to address the pain points involved in process design, modeling, configuration, integration, ownership and re-usability.  This evolution effectively created many tools as single tool can not address all the requirements.  So, following are the possible set questions that might help to point you in the right direction in the multi-tool SAP NetWeaver landscape. 
1. Does your process flow requirements change frequently?
2. Do you have heterogeneous system involvement in the process flow?
3. Does the requirement is limited to particular product or functional area?
4. Do you have any offline requirement?
5. Do you want to maintain consistency in delivering the items in the process flow to the end users?
6. Do you have requirement for consistent status monitoring of all the process flows?
7. Do you have developer resources that help to put together and maintain process flows on going basis?
8. How much time do you really have to fulfill a process flow requirement?
9. Does the process flow involves a system/person that is external to your company?
10. Do you have any specific reporting requirements on the process flows?
11. Do you need to setup delegates or escalations?
12. Does your IT leadership would like to go in the direction of E-SOA?
By getting answers to all the above questions, you get a sense of what type of requirement you are dealing with so that you can choose the better tool in all the Workflow in SAP NetWeaver.  Please feel free suggest any points that I have might missed.  In the coming blogs, I would take each of one above point and discuss with you all about various tools and their respective capabilities. So, I really look forward for your valuable feedback.
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