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The “value” in Community as explained to the Capgemini Community

It’s funny when someone questions or simply asks what is the value behind “community” related events – normally my first question to them was “Did you bother to attend yourself?” These are often the ones with a plan on how to change it to make it valuable or the ones complaining when something isn’t up to standards and yet they are often the ones that didn’t bother to actually take the time to be there and really take part!

The rather Bangalore disappoints! I got on this blog should be proof enough that “Community Day” be a BPX, SDN or perhaps even a future BOC one has value that is often so off the scales in terms of ROI that you’d be a fool to miss out on them.

While in Berlin, Lee from Capgemini caught Marilyn and I and asked us if we could say a few words to the Capgemini global community and the value they can find within our own communities…

On top of that, many great, unexpected and interesting things tend to happen at “community” events, for example Thomas stepping in and Community Day Bangalore  – SDN Mentors’ Hands-On, you simply won’t get this without “community” – Bangalore is going to ROCK! 
Speaking of offers, especially for the Bangalore crowd since that’s the next one coming up – your manager not “seeing” the value – I’d be happy to talk to them, talked to several this week already and increased attendance quite a bit as a result. It’s interesting most saw the value immediately they just wanted to ensure that their folks were spending their time wisely. It’s one reason we are only “semi-unconference” and do quite a bit of work ahead of time to ensure a solid bit of content and a good agenda. Feel free to reach out if you need some help!
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