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Where would you be on Community Day Bangalore eve ?

So where will you be on the eve of Community Day Bangalore 2008 ?


Chilling out with your friends from the Community with a beer in your hand, chatting about technology, community, anything under the sun and basically have a ball of a time ?

Here’s announcing BarCon Bangalore 2008, an informal meetup before Community Day 2008 kicks off !

All you need to do to have a guaranteed gala time would be :

  1. Sign up in the Wiki
  2. Get yourself at the Venue at 7:00 PM, November 10th, 2008


The venue at where this should take place is still up for discussion with Craig suggesting The Fortune Select Trinity Hotel in Whitefield and me suggesting the Le Rock pub on Brigade Road. Please add your sugestions to the wiki if you think ou know a place that truly ROCKS !!!

So what are you waiting for ?

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  • Listen I want to talk to people and not yell over loud music, I arrive that day at 1am in the morning so if you suggestion is a place with good but really loud music I’m out.
  • Abesh – I’m done globe trotting for this year (still have blogs to write about TechEd Berlin) but I will be joining remotely if possible. Definitely looking forward to your tweets, so send names of others you meet up.  Keep us all posted on your doings! /Jim
    • Jim,
      Sure 🙂 You can join via twitter this time 🙂 And now since you’ve done both Vegas and Munich… I’m looking forward to meeting you in Bangalore next year 🙂
  • And I’m arriving at 1:00am on the day of community day and probably won’t hit the lobby of the Fortune until 3:00am soo…I guess you will have to count me out 🙁
    Unless of course you are carousing there all night and morning 🙂
  • when you will finalize the venue..?
    i have to travel from hyderabad. so i am just thinking about it. it is a day before community day right.