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Using SAP ARCHIVELINK to improve ICWC document search Part 2

Here is the follow up to Using SAP ARCHIVELINK to improve ICWC document search Part 1.

What we wanted to provide our agents was the ability to use the ICWC to quickly find any outputs that are generated and to be able to email or print them when required.  Even though my company uses ISA to place orders directly into CRM we have EDI orders placed directly into ECC.  Therefore for outputs we use ECC to generate order acknowledgments.  Shipping and billing is also done in our ECC which also means any outputs from those documents are also generated in ECC.

Similar to the initial blog this not about how to set up SAP Archivelink.  In order to automate what I will describe will take some abap programming but is not a complicated program to write.

SAP provides a function module ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT in both CRM & ECC.   From writing a programmatic solution we found it easier to write an abap program from ECC.  Once you set up the SAP Archivelink functionality, as documents are archived you will see an entry in ECC table TOA01.  This fm ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT will allow you to link your CRM document to the same file.  The function module requires these entries:


  • RFC Target system  – RFC destination for CRM system
  • ARCHIV_ID             – Content server used in Archivelink
  • ARC_DOC_ID          – CRM order guid in crmd_orderadm_h
  • AR_DATE                – Date
  • AR_OBJECT             – IMG document type (see 1st blog)
  • MANDANT                – Client
  • OBJECT_ID              – Guid from table TOA01
  • SAP_OBJECT            – IMG Object type (see 1st blog)
  • DOC_TYPE               – Description desired


In this sample I am linking an ECC generated invoice output to an order document in CRM.


By writing a simple abap program in ECC around document flow table VBFA, we are able to link all documents to the same CRM order.

Once the FM is executed, by logging into CRM the document is immediately attached in CRMD_ORDER


Again for the good stuff

The ECC invoice is linked to the Order in the ICWC document search.


To use this functionality in the ICWC you must be using the CRM order screen.  The ICWC ERP order screen is not supported with Document Search – Note 1078575 – ERP sales transactions in SAP CRM

This note is needed in order to properly email the output from the ICWC – Note 1258379 – No email extension on out bound email from document

We scheduled our program that uses ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT to run after RSNAST00 runs in ECC.

Lastly, documents that are scanned and stored in your content repository system also have the entry in TOA01 to that document, meaning the same solution with ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT can be used to display scanned documents to the agents in the ICWC.

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