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During my Community Influencers 2008 I was asked about “what can I do?”, so here is another item in the “Path to Recognition” – Host a Community Day.

This one is a bit bigger than just participation and can be quite a bit more complex as well. Hosting an event is not an easy matter espically if your event is a big one or is tied to an even bigger event like our “official” SAP Community Day which take place the day before SAP TechEd.

This morning I went in and made sure that I had all the information for Community Day and what makes an event a “Community Day” up to date.

Check the page itself for more information but here is the “jist” of it…

  • It must be related to SAP Technologies, Business Processes and software/platform
  • It must be an open event for anyone to come 1 
  • It must be listed on the event page and once completed must be moved to the archive
  • It must be blogged to the community
  • It should have some information coming back into the broader community
  • It would be nice to have any presentations shared to the SAP Community Network group

 Pretty simply deal to manage I think, certainly much easier than what we have to do for the 3 major ones we’ve hosted each year from 2006 to present.

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  1. Darren Hague
    I can certainly vouch for this approach. If you want to learn more about hosting your own Community Day check out my blog entry for the London Community Day held back in April: SAP Community Day London 2008

    It’s not as hard to do as it might initially seem, and you will learn valuable organisational skills along the way. That’s the great thing about all Community Day events – at whatever level you participate – even if it’s just attending – you will find yourself improving your career prospects in ways you could not predict. In the current economic climate, that can only be a good thing.

    – Darren

    1. Former Member
      Agree with Darren -:)

      Community Day Lima was really fun, not so hard to implement and give me the opportunity to gather together friends, lurkers and related IT people.

      Remember that Community Day is the best day of the year…If you can make in your country..The day is even better -;)


    1. Former Member
      We have been advertising the 11th of November for Community Day Bangalore since August and there was a signup available for a solid 3 weeks for this event and it closed the day I posted the final agenda.

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