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After almost 2 months, I came to my home, which is in a small suburb in Ohio, from my client’s location. I am Surprised!!! Number of cars in my apartment’s parking lot, is reduced by more than half. Then I asked the apartment owner about this, she said people are moving to the more industrialized areas where there are more jobs. Alas!!! People have to bring lots of comprises to their life style to survive in this economy. If you have marked in any groceries stores before 2/3 months, most of the customers used to take a cart full of stuff but now that scene is hardly seen. They pick just what is required.


If you compare this scenario with IT consulting, there is no difference. These days’ customers pick what is just required. If the volume of the project is large, they prefer to do this in small chunks and divide the project into different quarters so that they can get proper funding for their IT department or wait till first or second quarter of next year. Just manage the situation with some cost effective temporary solution and defer the long-term solutions at this moment.  They try to avoid any full implementation now and plan to start the same sometime next year.


It is getting reflected in the manner a project runs now. The client wants more tighter deadlines and schedules. If any object or developments estimate goes more than 30 days, this may go till CIO level for approval. On the very first day of your project your logon credentials are ready and client comes with a list of developments and wants you to start working immediately. They avoid paying for your staying expenses at their site and if they agree, they ask some contribution from your company as well. Instead of weekly review meetings, it has now become daily review meetings. If I compare this situation with the situation it used to be a year before, where it was taking minimum 2/3 days to get the logon credential and get a system, any expenses you do that is reimbursed and Friday afternoon review meetings, I curse the biggie CXOs.


I am lucky enough to be doing SAP consulting. Where there are layoffs happening in other technologies, you will see hardly any news where a SAP consultant getting laid off. Companies prefer to hold you on bench and wait for the economy to be up rather than laying you off.


To survive in this current economy, you need to be multi skilled. The customer wants us to be multi-skilled. If you are in technical area, then a bunch of stuff like ABAP, BSP, workflow, webdynpros, XI… should be there in you mind. If you are in functional then SD with CRM or SD with logistics, MM with PM or MM with PP or MM with EBP, PP with APO, a combo of R3 and mySAP stuff.

 You may have to work little harder to survive in this current economy. 

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  1. Ali Sánchez
    It´s sad but true. Clients want you to be an expert in everything that they need, in my case , my clients want me to be a functional as well abap Programmer.
    Specialist are dissapering , but with the consequence that sometimes takes you more time to solve a problem (let’s be honest it is impossible to be an expert in everything) so the client sometime pay more or less the same that in two real specialists . Kind of Ironic , uhm ?
    1. Padman Sahoo Post author
      Thanks for the comment Jose. yeah, you are right, its difficult to acquire lots of skills and in many respect forums help a lot. But if the market is slow and client wants the solution, then we take help of forums and start building the new skill. 
      1. SAP Learner
        Thats true…..multi-skilling would help to survive but what about those who have taken decision to get into SAP education as better career option in recent past. Unfortunately, for them very little hope.
        1. Padman Sahoo Post author
          You have brought a very good example here Jose. This sluggish economy has affected the people in many respect. May be education on emerging technologies or new dimension product brings new opportunities for them Or they may have do some research on what is still prevailing in the market today. But overall it may be a disappointing sitaution for them.

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