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Are You Making the Most Out Of Your SAP Community Network (SCN) Membership?

Improve your work life right now by updating your profile to join a “sister” community on SCN.


Congratulations to you, if you are already a member of SDN, BPX or BOC – one of the communities in the SAP Community Network (SCN). SCN empowers community members, in a variety of roles, to connect, collaborate, and co-innovate with the SAP ecosystem in a Web 2.0 environment, gaining easy access to trusted sources for insights on technology, business process and business intelligence for their SAP implementations.


You have taken the first step to collaborate with your peers, grow your network, increase your own visibility, and to – in a nutshell – make your work life a whole lot easier.

But are you making the most out of your SCN membership? For example, if you are a member of the Business Objects community, have you thought about the additional advantages a membership in, for example, the BPX community would bring to you?


To help you answer this question for yourself, here the 20 second overview of each SCN community:


“Business Meets IT”: Business Process Expert (BPX) Community –

BPX is an online professional network where customers, business analysts, consultants, and internal experts at SAP® share their passion for business processes and their implementation. Leveraging Web 2.0 technologies, the community enhances the work lives of all participants. (Pick of the day: customer success stories; industries)

The SCN Newcomer: Business Objects Community (BOC) –

BOC connects report and dashboard designers, enterprise developers, IT professionals and SAP with the resources and insight to transform their data into information to make better business decisions using SAP Business Objects business intelligence and information management solutions. (Pick of the day: product portals)

> 1 million Members: SAP Developer Network (SDN) –

SDN connects developers, consultants, analysts, integrators and SAP to enable knowledge sharing – to ask and answer technical questions, obtain expert advice, share detailed solutions and get the tools and documentation to efficiently manage SAP implementations and operations. (Pick of the day: forums).


Signing up for additional communities is easy. Simply click on “My Profile” and update your profile by checking additional boxes to join “sister” communities – and “multiply” your experience. At the same time, you can select to receive monthly newsletters and other relevant information.


Last, as part of SCN, you can now earn money by solving an InnoCentive Challenge. Check out this new community offering to either become a solver (prize money from $1,000 – $1 million) or a seeker (outsource your problem).


If you are new to SCN! Welcome! You can join here right now.

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  • Nice introduction. Thx. a lot.

    Now, I have seen a little about – but maybe you can put it in a context for me. For the time being it is not available to me (from Denmark), and am I (our company) invited at all -being both a customer and a solution partner to SAP (Consultancy company)

    Best regards

    • Jakob: is strictly focused on BusinessByDesign and not part of the SAP Community Network at this point in time. Hence, I do not have a lot of information to offer on the subject.

      I did some research though to be able to give you an educated answer and checked out the site in more detail. I personally, was impressed by the level of information.

      And, yes, it is my understanding that you can register for the site, even though you are in a country that does not provide the product at the moment. So, please go ahead and sign up.

      You can also send an email to for additional questions that you might have

      Last, I found an interesting blog from Dennis Howlett (one of the SCN mentors) about that you might find interesting: . It’s proof that here at SCN, we value a wide range of perspectives :-).

      Best, I hope this helps,