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SAP Community PsychoLog – Your SAP Life to Share and Care

 SAP Community PsychoLog – May You Share Your Life Experience

I noticed zillions of useful Technical and Business Process related information available in our SAP Community Network and am grateful to the community for providing these. However, I did’nt see much useful info related to the human side (psychological), for the benefit of our SAP community.

Hence, I thought it may be a good idea to start a Blog on this topic which may be useful to all our community members, to address their mind-body-spirit balance dynamics. Since, the community members are humans too (not perpetual machines), the members may feel the stress and strain (push-pull) of an SAP centric life.

There may be an issue of Team Dynamics, Project Management, Relationships (such as, peer-peer, junior-senior, associate-boss, consultant-customer, offshore-onshore, family members, to name a few) in addition to Desires, Goals, Priorities etc., as most of our community’s professional work is sort of accomplished in human terms and teams, with support from our families.

Through this Blog, I invite the community members to contribute with their own experiences in various scenarios of their SAP life. This could in turn help our members to relate to and understand each other, possibly providing an insightful solution for the members (similar to the Technical and Business Process solutions being provided now in our forums). Members may ask questions related to their life situation and receive answers/ suggestions from others.

I am passionate about SAP and the SAP Communitiy Consulting Life. There may be other members having a similar passion, thus perhaps, helping our community members to address their real life situations as well.

Some random thoughts for a gap analysis

You may want to look honestly at where you are right now in your life. How are your relationships? First with yourself, next with your family, with your work colleagues and your neighbours? Are these experiences rich and fulfilling or superficial?

How is your career? Are you involved in work which is efficient and effective? Are your ideas, skills, experiences and knowledge being appreciated at work? Do you get out of bed happily each day and are excited to go to work?

How is your financial situation? Are you satisfied with your income and savings? Are you chasing money or is money chasing you? Do you consider money as an enabler
of your life or something else?

How is your physical and emotional fitness? Are you capable of giving your best? Do you like yourself and your behaviour? Are you free from disturbing thoughts affecting your life?

You may try using the gap analysis technique in your life as well.

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