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J2EE and CRM Web Channel Administration on access restricted Systems using tunneling through secure shell (SSH).

the Problem

in our environment we sometimes get access to remote Unix-based systems using the putty tool , but actual port based network access is restricted, so you cannot access all these nice
gadgets, like SDM, Visual-Admin, Log-Viewer and sometimes even the “native” http port of your remote engine (you only can access some parts of the server via http through a reverse proxy for example).


a possible solution

get a user account to your remote system via secure shell[sometimes you’ll get one 😉 , download putty, create a session in then tool, and then configure port-tunneling.

this is done in the settings dialog of th putty tool:


putty tunneling setup

Now You connect to your system using  these port mappings, and can
access your App-Servers HTTP, Telnet and P4 Ports as if a local engine is running.

 You could use:

  • Visual Administrator,
  • Software Delivery Manager,
  • Logviewer, and
  • your browser.

to do e.g. XCM configuration simply point your browser to the admin page of your shop application.


 to restart you application you could use the telnet console:


 telnet cosole of SAP WebApp


  • start a command shell locally 
  • telnet 50708 (above sample, port depends on instance of WAS J.),
  • logon to telnet console,
  • jump to relevant cluster node using: jump  0 (node number)
  • add deployment commands using: add deploy
  • stop your application using: stop_app (your applications name).
  • start your application using: start_app (your application name)
  • if you are unsure about what the name of your application is, you could use list_appin order to display all the deployed apps.

for getting an overview of the available commands you can type ‘man’.

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