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This is the second and final part on the series of Grants management. In the previous blog i talked about the replication of a BP in CRM as a FI Vendor in ECC. You can also replicate the BP in CRM as a FI Customer in ECC. The desicion whether you want to replicate as a vendor or a customer would depend on the business process you are following. FI Vendor would enable ‘Account payable’ financial execution interface and FI Customer would enable ‘Account Receivable’ financial interface in ECC IMG config.

So the Grants program which is created in CRM has a program management area assigned to it which is nothing but the ‘sales area’ of the employee responsible for the creation program. Here i have used the words ‘Sales Area’ in order to provide a fimilarity between the Grants program and a Sales transaction although both are world apart.

Now the next question comes when a Grants program is replicated as a funded program in ECC how are different things derived in the funds management. The CRM users would be aware that no module within CRM has direct relationship with financials in ECC except for the company code which is mapped to a sales org or to a service org.

Now the FI users using  the Funds Management module would be frequently using the transaction FMDERIVE. This is the place in funds management where different object within FI/CO like Cost Center, G/L Accounts, Functional Area derive different objects within Funds Management like Fund, Commitment items, etc.

So here is the answer. SAP has provided a link with a separate transaction for Grants Management called GTRDerive (which is analogous to FM Derive). Here with a replication of a Grants program in CRM the objects which are provided within CRM like a program area(which is analogous to a sales area and is mapped to a company code), service org(which is derived from the org management for an employee and has a billing unit which is also mapped to a company code), PAYMENT TYPES(HOLDBACKS, ADVANCED PAYMENTS, PAYMENTS, REPAYMENTS and PAYMENT RECOVERY) which can be used to derive the cost center and G/L Account Number in GTRDerive or same could be derived from Expense types which have been entered in the program. Funds and Functional areas could also be derived depending on the business process.

So after a Cost Center, G/L Account is derived using GTRDerive it goes to FMDerive to derive further objects in Funds Management like a Commitment item.

The budget is allocated using the above objects and is consumed as soon as a commitment is created whenever an agreement is created in CRM for an applicant whose Grant is approved. But Financial documents are only posted in FI when a claim is sumitted by the applicant which goes against this commitment item which could be mapped to a G/L Account and finally the billing is done.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Robin,

    I have scenario in which I have to replicate grantor objects (program, application, agreement, change request, claims, billing document) from legacy system.

    I want to know if we can use lsmw to migrate these objects into CRM.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sandeep Chavan

  2. Former Member

    I thing you should continue your blog
    How did you connect your systems?
    How is working financial execution like cost claim, down payments, holdbacks?
    Did you finish customizing? are you in testing.
    if you could send any doc it would be great.


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