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SAP Community Day Bangalored !!! 

It was my first Community Day participation in the City of Gardens, Bangalore. I was just thrilled by the fact that am working on SAP so long and finally am going to the company itself at SAP Labs.


The sprawling SAP Labs campus flooded with greenery of SAP intellectuals was a real sight to watch to begin with. And the icing on the cake was big shots from Top companies throwing light the present and future trends of SAP. Well all of us as SAP professionals would be interested to know how our future with SAP is going to shape.


We were welcomed into the campus with a nice T-Shirt with the text “SDN Community Day”. When I went to the office later with that T-shirt I had plenty of friends asking my experience during the Teched. One word it was something memorable !!! I still have the Identity Card on my name given to me at the entrance. Normally, we find a temporary card when you enter a new company/premise/place. But I was so happy with the fact that SAP had made that effort to recognize each individual by their names.


During the evening we had SAP Practice heads from Top Indian companies sharing their experience of working with SAP and prospects. Most importantly there was one guy Mr. Prashant Rai author of the blog CIO Re-invented. I thought he made my day.


He was asking a simple question how as a consultant can you give the best service to the customer. You can do it only when you as a consultant know the full functionality of the application correlating the client business requirement. Apart from that he was asking can you as an independent consultant provide the technical clarification what the client is looking for ? What I understood from this was, only when we know the application properly can we give the full benefits of it to the customer and only when we can be independent in handling the issues the client face the reliability factor goes up. The cost for the client comes down.  It was all about the consumerism he was talking about. I liked it from a customer point of view. Whatever the new dimension products coming into the market, ultimately the consumer wants to know how he is benefited more and the responsibility to deliver that “MORE” lies with the consultant.


I thought, attending sap community day 07 Bangalore made difference to my career for a life time. I always kept in my mind that how my client can be benefited from me as a consultant. It’s that perspective that brought me satisfaction in the job I am doing, a lot of client appreciations, improved technical expertise and more prospects to my career.


I have already configured my calendar to attend the community day this year also. Looking forward to put all the experiences into an internal table and slowly digest them into my database table of experiences.

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