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Higher response rates and cost savings with multi-wave Campaigns

The Richard Ivey School of Business provides an extremely interesting research on multi-wave campaigns.*

The hypothesis of their research was that a direct mail campaign designed to optimise four key variables —

targeting, personalisation, customization and reporting — would deliver response rates far in excess of the 1 to 3 percent industry average produced by non multi-wave campaigns.

The multi-wave campaign structure they set up:

  • Direct Mail
  • Each person would be contacted up to three times.
  • Response by any customer — say, by visiting a personal URL and downloading an offer – would immediately alert a call-centre agent to make contact with him or her.
  • Automatically removed the name of the customer from the master list and causing the suppression of any follow-on waves to that person.

Results are impressive

Interesting patterns were revealed both by country and industry and even the worst-performing country yielded response rates of 7 percent. 

Cost savings with multi-wave Campaigns

Aligning multiple countries with a single launch date allowing to collate the data just once rather than in separate exercises for each country is a major driver of cost efficiencies.

SAP CRM Marketing and multi-wave Campaigns

Once you find multi-wave campaigns with architectures that work, SAP CRM Marketing allows to automate and optimise such campaigns easily and support the 4 key variables mentioned above.

Coming soon: Watch my video to see more examples of multi-wave campaigns automated with SAP CRM Marketing.



* Richard Ivey Business School 2006

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