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Community Day Bangalore – SDN Mentors’ Hands-On

I will admit that I was a little disappointed the other day when I read Bangalore disappoints! that there was low registration for Community Day Bangalore. I’m planning to travel 18,998miles/30,578km roundtrip to attend the Community Day Bangalore so I hope I’m not the only one that shows up. 🙂

Well, I will be in Bangalore regardless since I am a TechEd presenter, but I still believe that Community Day is a major benefit to all attendees and well worth a day out of anyone’s schedule to learn, connect, and generally expand your horizons.  Community Day remains my favorite day of TechEd.

But plenty of other people have already posted their undying adoration for Community Day in other blogs, so I won’t go on with my opinions as to why you would be silly not to attend.  Instead I want to take a few minutes to detail out the sessions that I will be presenting at the Community Day Bangalore.

First of all we will bring the popular SDN Mentors’ Hands-On Workshop to Community Day Bangalore. This was a hugely popular hands-on workshop that we gave in both Las Vegas and Berlin and I am very happy to be bringing it to Bangalore as well. Here is a link that gives you more details on the contents of this session:
SDN Community Day Mentor Hands-On Workshop

Now we will have a little shorter time in Bangalore and I will be the only one of the original session presenters that can make the trip; so I will adjust the content a little bit. This will still be a great opportunity to try out new UI technologies like Adobe Flash Islands for Web Dynpro and the Web Dynpro ABAP Floorplan Manager.  If you want to boost your Web Dynpro ABAP development skills then this is certainly a workshop you shouldn’t miss. Space with access to hands-on machine will be limited so be sure to get signed up for Community Day now!

You may have also have heard about some of the amazing announcements that were made for ABAP programmers during Community Day Berlin. In Berlin we got to hear the details around the ABAP 7.0 EnhP2 backport project.  In a separate session from the Mentors’ Hands-On I will detail what innovations SAP has planned for ABAP developers in next year’s Enhancement Package 2. I will even bring an Enhancement Package 2 development build ABAP system with me to show you the work in progress. This is a unique opportunity to see what functionality is coming next year and to be able to ask questions about these plans, so don’t miss out.  

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