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Bangalore: We should be Ready..?

I have no idea of writing up about the Community Day, however today morning I saw the Blog Bangalore disappoints! Which even disappointed me because it created a bad impression (may be..!) on our approach to the Community day. The response that was shown by the SCNers from India would have frustrated Craig to go for such a Blog. This is not the first one in the series, the story started early before the last year community day by Craig in Community Day and why does Bangalore not want one? The same even continued this year and Abesh was focused to have the deferential Community Day by stirring us thru Community Day Bangalored ?. As Abesh was more focused to refrain the thing that happened last year, the things seems not to be smooth again and this was the response from Craig was Bangalore, are we coming? Still there was some wish to have the community day even though the response from the invited peoples failed the expectations Craig made the entry as a “lottery” basis in Bangalore, are we coming?


Ohh how much more we need…? It is our day. We should have felt lucky to have a chance even though we were not invited there came a hope through a open registration that too free of cost. Craig has become more flexible making an open statement that all those who are registered in the link is going to make the day for sure in Bangalore disappoints!one. Do we still need to wait for some more Blog to make our day..? NO.

If a paid Community Day in Las Vegas is able to get a great response why cant Bangalore make out a similar or better one even. Come on folks, be boosted and make your registration before tomorrow.

Oh yeah. I will never ever remember the moments that I had in my 1st Community day last year. I really feel proud of myself wearing the community T-Shirt :0. I met the popular SCN faces like Craig, Gregor Wolf, Mark Finnern, Gail, Chip Rodgers, Marilyn, Uri, Abesh, Durairaj  Raja and lot more. Trust me I even met some of my colleague (Sriram,Prasanth&Shabirish) for the first time in the Community day. The session was good and the food was tooo good :). End of the day followed by the Pannel Discussion we enjoyed the evening in a luxury hotel that was opposite to SAP labs with a Sip and more of networking. The day created a platform to share and collaborate with fellow SDNers whom we know by names and nothing else. All the three day of the TechEd 07 I visited the community Club House and played an unforgettable Tennis (in Play Station) with Grogor. May be I am not good in explaining lot more that I really enjoyed rather I want you to fell the same and share it.

Stop..Stop…. Two more blogs before this one about last year SCN Day.

Why should you come to Community Day Bangalore

Recap – Community Day 2007 @ Bangalore


Is it that 150 Sign Up can’t be made…? NEVER…. By this time it should have gone more than that…(My hope) What ever the case….Sign up.. and let us meet in the Community Day 08.

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