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Recap – Community Day 2007 @ Bangalore

Turning to last year @ community day bangalore , it was my first Community day event with was a everlasting experience in my life.

Community Day – Means “Birds of a feather flock together.”, meaning that people (birds) of the same kind or interest (of a common feather) enjoy spending time (flocking) together.


 I had a great opportunity to see the top contributors and the people behind the community.


Firstly we had a formal speech from community folks also they introduced the Concept of  ‘Food for Points‘ ,which was really a good initiative for the global cause. I fell in love   with this type of recognition system which am indirectly contributing for the same.

Then we had a ‘Networking Session’ with community folks from various areas like ABAP,CRM,Enterprise Widgets,EP,RIA etc… Once people have found their topic table during speed networking they cling to their seat.

ABAP folks with ABAP Guru – Thomas Jung



BPX community…


I had a opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas to my community friends, also got a valuable suggestions .It  was really a knowledge sharing section. And the mix was a good enough consisting of both functional & technical people…


SD folks…


BOF Sessions…


The sessions’ I attended was really brain storming.  ‘Adobe Flex’ hands-on session was very much useful for me to develop few flex widgets…they also showcased various real time example – including ‘Insurance system’ , Travel services etc…

SDN Raja showed how to integrate our Flex apps in to the BSP…..

Thomas Jung  showed FLOB (Flex on BSP) as well as a Matrix screensaver built with ABAP and Silverlight.


In the evening…,

We had  a Town hall where people from top organization shared their experience regarding the upcoming technologies, business process, their personal work experiences etc..Later we had a Q&A session which was more informative . 

I had a real chance to meet the SAP guru’s , mentors, product managers  ,architects etc…I am really happy that people can even identify myself from my contributions…


Here you go click here and sign up. (Details : Bangalore Community Day – time to sign up! )

This year am waiting for the Day to come. I believe that I can see more no of people than last year…Hope to see you all…meet you @ Community Day..

* Photos are courtesy of Marilynpratt..

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