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Travel Management, why now

Travel  Management, why now?

Stocks are going down; the economic crisis is somehow affecting most industries already. More and more customers are currently in the process of cost saving activities. May it be by reducing external costs, or by creating leaner processes, which request less time and staff to handle it and many more alternatives?

One of the typical areas where costs are cut is the area of travel. Somehow most companies would like to reduce travel dramatically, but on the other side see travel also necessary for customer interaction, or even as their daily part of business. And exactly in these times an automated Travel Management system, which holds up to its promises of cost reduction, is necessary to implement.

Why? That’s a simple question to answer, it’s about governance, process efficiency and cost cutting. I guess we all know that the cheapest travel is the travel, which doesn’t occur. However, pre-trip approval can enforce this further; just imagine that you need to get approval for all travel, which is not business necessary. Suddenly you book with a much other feeling or even decide to say “it’s not so important”, don’t you? Than the actual selection of Travel, once you see the different choices, or even have to enter a reason why you don’t book the cheapest, company preferred flight, hotel or even rental car, you are much more cost conscious. With Online Booking you not only save travel costs overall, but also the travel agency fees are normally much lower and you save for the company here costs too.  All these different cost reductions will bring on average between 10-30% less travel costs. After the trip it’s all about efficiency, the less time you or any (still existing?) admin is spending on it, the more time they can use for more productive processes. Workflow, paperless processes (where legally allowed), Credit Card imports, reporting and analytics, should be standard with every tool today, but the trick is to get the right reporting out on your fingertips, because you can be sure, you want to find fast answers within your company on questions like, who in the company …. Is not booking online, bypassing travel guidelines, things that he can upgrade himself in the hotel room and have the company for it, etc. etc. And you don’t want to ask others for this list to compile, use different systems,  or even hope that someone else has the data somewhere…..

SAP Travel Management is the market leader for all of the process steps, just check it out….

Save travel and higher stock prices wishes you

Hendrik Vordenbäumen

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