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Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to be as flexible and far reaching as possible so when we began to see a rise in membership in our “APJ” areas we of course began to see what we could to make them feel welcomed! I think we did quite well with India, Australia, Singapore and many of the other areas but we then began to realize that native languages can be rough and we saw there was an ever increasing gap as opposed to closing of the gap and bringing all our members together.

Don’t get me wrong this is something we noticing in South America and even here in Europe (notice that blogs are multi-lingual now?) So we are wortking hard to find ways to make everyone feel at home here! With that said it’s my extreme pleasure to welcome the newest member to the Community and Collaboration family!

Please welcome Cathy who is based out of Shanghai ! She comes with a good understanding of the Technology Industry from her experience with companies like Sony and AMD. Having spent a significant part of her professional career in Japan she has a good understanding of the Japanese language. It’ll be her task to foster, grow and embrace the communities in China and Japan as well as being our point of contact for all our members in the region. Community Evening @ TechEd Shanghai!

If you are one active member of our Community family, and if you are in Shanghai on 5th November, we are happy to invite you to join our Community Evening! We highly value your expertise and contribution in the Global SAP Community Network in Forums, Blogs and Wiki, and would like to say thank you for this. It would also be a great opportunity for the Community to meet and establish new networks!

We are looking forward to your visit there!

How to Join:

NO TechEd ticket is required to join the Community Evening

As long as you have >=50 points, please just send a mail to Cathy Yang (see mail in her business card) in the following format:

Title: Re: Invitation to Community Evening TechEd @ Shanghai!

Content: Your Display Name in SAP Community – Total Lifetime Points – Your name – Title – Company

Once your request is confirmed, we will send you a formal invitation mail. Because we have very limited openings for this, we can’t guarantee everyone an invitation. So please write to her NOW!


  • Keynotes by Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President, SAP Community
  • Ice Breaker Session of Speed Networking
  • Panel discussion and dinner


Pearl Room, 7th F,
Shanghai International Convention Center,
No. 2727, Riverside Avenue, Pudong
Shanghai, 200120

We are looking forward to your visit there!

The SAP Community Network Team

If you have any question about this, feel free to contact Cathy Yang, her contact mail and phone number is in her business card.

Beyond that she is setting up the Japanese and Chinese versions of the SAP Community Network and ensuring we are providing local language content that is top quality and extremely relevant. I encourage you to connect with Cathy and together build a strong vibrant local community!

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  1. Former Member
    I want to add my public welcome to Cathy.  It’s great that we have someone local in China now, and someone who can speak and write Chinese, Japanese, and English.  This should help alot with our engagement and work with customers, partners, SAP employees, thought leaders, and others who are interested in participating in our SDN, BPX, and Business Objects communities.

    I also send a special welcome to our community members in Asia/Pacific/Japan (APJ).  We are thrilled to have tens-of-thousands of you already consuming content and tools, and a good core group already participating.  I encourage you to get even more engaged with us and with other community members around the world by sharing your expertise and experiences with each other.

    Finally, I hope to see many of you at the SAP TechEd conference in Shanghai on November 5-6.  If you are not already planning to attend, please register at  … and if you are already a contributor who will be there, please see Cathy Yang’s note and contact her to join our “Community Evening” dinner.  I’d like to meet you personally while I’m in Shanghai. 

    Best regards,
    Mark Yolton

  2. Richard Hirsch
    I’d also like to welcome Cathy to the SCN.

    I’d like to suggest that there be activities to assure that the APJ community doesn’t feel isolated.  The “other” communities have been around for a while and I think all can benefit from tighter integration.


  3. Marilyn Pratt
    I’m very glad to welcome Cathy to our team.  It’s exciting to think of the prospect of evolving an SCN community in APJ deeply linked to ours here. Lovely (and no surprise) to see welcomes from my teammates, my management, and my favorite community members 🙂
    Cathy, please quickly find yourself someone like our Dick Hirsch to help you capture photos, record activities and share the local impressions of SAP TechEd Shanghai.  It will be truly fascinating to see how you nurture a new regional sapling or seed.  You have lots of friends here, eager to help you cultivate your young community.
  4. Hi all,
    Note this is the first Community Event we ever have in China! So if you are in Shanghai on 5th Nov., it is definitely what you can’t miss!
    Write to me to join NOW! We still have some opening for it.
    we prepared all the funny things about SAP Coomunity which you will love to know, and we’ll take some video and let the whole community (about 1.2 million registered people) know about you and this event. So be prepare to make yourself a –¼�l!

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