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In eight out of ten losses, the real reasons often lie in the quality of the sales process. Upon careful analysis, we encounter the following key issues:

  • The real decision makers have been identified and contacted too late in the sale

  • All energy has been focused on people we get on well with, but lack authority

  • Precious resources have been wasted due to inadequate project qualification

  • The account team has operated in an uncoordinated manner

  • The proposal lacks cost justification and customer-oriented value propositions

  • Excuses are used instead of learning from mistakes

In summary, the quality of the sales process has a huge impact on success. SAP CRM Opportunity Management not only helps you to manage your sales opportunities, but also supports your sales team with a sophisticated sales methodology. The sales employee is coached through the steps of an ideal sales process – from identifying the lead to closing the sale.Team-selling is encouraged by easier communication. By addressing the key issues in your sales process, your probability of winning increases, which in turn enhances the user-acceptance of the software. Sales methodology is incorporated in the following functions:

  • Sales assistant
    (Guides the sales employee through a structured sales process and supports him in   planning sales activities. Provides a checklist of recommended activities and tasks that should be executed in each phase)

  •  Project goals (Helps to define the short and long-term objectives)

  • Buying center(Helps to define an extensive project organization chart by: identifying all key people and their degree of influence, displaying the internal relationship network, storing key attributes for each individual)

  • Competitor analysis(Competitor information can be stored , helping to define an effective counter-strategy.)

  • Opportunity assessment (Helps to identify risks proactively, and to define corrective actions before embarking on an expensive sales project.)

  • Opportunity plan (kombines all key information about an opportunity)

  • Analysis and reporting (Ready-made queries provide the basis for detailed sales planning and simulation)

All modules can be adapted to support your specific business requirements and selling practices. A best practice example is supplied with the standard configuration.

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  1. Former Member
    A good part of my life is spent with guys who earn their bread and butter with sales. I readily agree to the points you highlight as the reason for sales losses. But I am not sure a place to hold information and a sophisticated workflow is what will rectify it. These guys are creatures of habit, who are set in their ways – and for some reason or other – they hate all software applications, other than the ones that are needed to get their commissions.



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