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Bangalore Community Day – time to sign up!

Alright folks, Community Day Bangalored ? and I Bangalore, are we coming?, now it’s time for you to show that you want it! The following is a sign up sheet. Now once again this year we’ve made the Community Day an invitation ONLY event meaning that to make it there you have to be invited. However since this is a sign up sheet things might seem a little different or odd to you right about now.

We’ve Bangalore, are we coming? and we’ve invited them to “invite themselves one other person” which is happening right now (not so well it seems though). So if you know one of the Top Contributors you might want to ask why they’ve not signed up or invited someone yet?

Now this sign up sheet will work like a lottery. Signing up simply says you want to come and you will come if you get invited, if you don’t want to come or you don’t think you can come then DON’T SIGN UP! Don’t take the spot away from everyone else.

When you sign up you need to use the code “LOTTO_BLORE_08” and leave the “Invited By” field “blank”.

This invitation is an invitation to attend the event but this does not mean that SAP will pay for travel, hotel or anything else – we are giving you a pass to come to the event nothing more 🙂 some might think why in the world did he just point that out? We know that, and my response is of course you do but it still doesn’t change the fact I get asked that every year 😉

You can find the suggested sessions here, we will of course be making the final agenda closer to the event so you still have time to add a session if you wish! If your session is picked then you automatically get the invite and can also invite someone to come as well (again you’re responsibile for your own expenses and travel!)

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