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Those who work in the SAP industry are always searching for more information about the area they work in.  The reasoning for this is obvious; in a knowledge based job such as this, the more you know the greater your success.  This is true regardless if you are a developer, consultant, or work in support.

Yet sometimes people need to be reminded of the different sources of information that are freely available.  In particular, here at SDN/BPX, we have a huge community that is searching this site or going through the Online Help looking for information.  But is anyone looking at the SAP Support Portal (aka, OSS) for information other than just bug fixes?


The Case for the SAP Support Portal

If you’ve spent much time looking for solutions in the Support Portal than you probably have seen several notes that provide more than just bug fixes or other error corrections.  There are many work around solutions offered by SAP in the Support Portal as well as a ton of informative FAQ notes.  In my opinion they serve as extensions of the Online Help and are as close to “the official SAP Recommendation” that you’ll find in the industry.

Here are those that are part of the Capital Management area.  If you’re having problems in these topic areas I’d recommend that you read these notes before going anyplace else.


Asset Accounting

540785 – FAQ on asset reporting
543151 – FAQ reconcile between FI and FI-AA
544703 – FAQ mass change & mass retirement
546228 – FAQ on MM postings with fixed asset integration
548735 – FAQ on FI-AA account assignment
548899 – FAQ on asset accounting depreciation
549929 – FAQ on AA linkage to PM
550176 – FAQ legacy data transfer
684659 – FAQ account assignment objects
981222 – FAQ time-dependent depreciation parameters
988238 – FAQ New DCP


Project Systems

144169 – FAQ creating commitment items
151551 – FAQ scheduling of networks
189230 – FAQ progress analysis
360584 – FAQ mta (milestone trend analysis)
417511 – collective note for PS cash management
428728 – FAQ resource related billing
440186 – FAQ 2 validation and substitution in PS
504180 – FAQ system status PTBL in resource related billing
522581 – how to implement user-defined fields
528604 – FAQ billing and costing RA
544123 – FAQ resource related billing and RA
545095 – FAQ resource related billing, accrual, quotation and RA
553661 – FAQ coding masks
553832 – FAQ WBS element number conversion
554139 – FAQ batch input
554415 – FAQ authorization check
569048 – FAQ user status
570330 – FAQ customer specific fields
570471 – FAQ confirmations in PS
573077 – FAQ archiving PS_PROJECT
573133 – FAQ opening or calling a network
579761 – FAQ OpenPS for Microsoft Project (OpenPS4MSP)
583698 – FAQ note – MS access interface
594809 – collective consulting note for PS confirmation
668240 – FAQ hierarchy reports
668513 – FAQ cost element reports
668514 – FAQ line item reports
677169 – FAQ material requirements in PS
678522 – FAQ data inconsistencies in PS
700665 – FAQ planned revenues from sales documents
700697 – FAQ logical database PSJ, selection in the PS infosystem
700700 – listing of all PS FAQ notes
700875 – FAQ structure and individual overview reports
701075 – FAQ PS cash management
701076 – FAQ PS summarization
701077 – FAQ PS period end closing
702965 – FAQ project planning board
858877 – FAQ resource related down payment processing
1108787 – FAQ PS archiving

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    1. Nathan Genez Post author
      If you’re referring to bringing legacy data into PS, I’ve used a custom LSMW recording instead of anything SAP offered.  I’m not aware of a program (but could be wrong) for this but there are some BAPIs that offer similar capability.  I may tackle that some day but LSMW seems to work fine.


  1. Former Member

    SAP Note 206264 (Large project structures, long runtimes) indicates that the maximum confirmations per activity should be 500.  We have some projects that is running up to 15000+ confirmations per activity. 

    We are running ECC 6.0 and I would like to know if these guidelines still apply and do we need to review our project structures to decrease the amount of confirmations per activity?


    Willem Fourie


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