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Enterprise Services Delivery – CRM 7.0

With the delivery of CRM 7.0 comes the first major wave of Enterprise Services for CRM.  In total 235 new Enterprise Services were modeled and built.  This was a major effort for CRM.  Enterprise Services took a lot of time and thought to model and build, but as a result, our customers get a set of services that are well defined, high quality, and reusable.  It is the semantics and governance behind these services that makes SOA a true cost saver in an IT landscape. 


So it is not surprising that SAP has chosen to replace the messaging of “Enterprise SOA” with “SOA Made Easy”.  The pre-built services that we deliver along with the Business Process Platform (Net Weaver: Composition, Integration, Info & Data Harmonization), SOA methodology guidelines, and Professional Services make the entire SOA story from SAP a very appealing one.



In deciding which services to build for the CRM 7.0 release, CRM Product Management took a two pronged approach.


1.  We looked at our most important base functionality and enabled this with a standard pattern of services.  Create, Update, Read, Find, and sometimes Cancel.


2. We spoke with customers to determine use cases for system integration and composite application and created services for these use cases.


The complete set of Enterprise Services will be available in the Enterprise Service Repository upon roll-out of CRM 7.0.  To access the Enterprise Service Repository you must be a SDN member.  Here is the link for the Enterprise Services Repository&Registry


This delivery of services is going to allow our customers to do amazing things.  They are going to be able to start building composite applications to tailor the software for different regions and users as well as providing users the ability to interact with multiple applications with a single UI.  They are also going to be able to more easily integrate their heterogeneous systems to share data and functionality with each other. 


It would not be practical to provide the entire list of services here in a blog.  However, I will assume that you want a little more substance about what exactly it is that we will be delivering.  So here is a list of the 35 business objects in CRM for which we have created the 235 services:


  • Activity
  • Appointment Activity
  • Business Partner
  • Campaign
  • Channel Partner Registration Request
  • Customer
  • Customer Complaint
  • Customer Invoice
  • Customer Invoice Request
  • Customer Quote
  • Customer Rebate Register Entry
  • Email Activity
  • Individual Material
  • Installation Point
  • Installed Base
  • Interaction Log
  • Lead
  • Material
  • Measuring Device
  • Opportunity
  • Product Catalogue
  • Product Configuration
  • Product Proposal
  • Sales Contract
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Price Specification
  • Service Confirmation
  • Service Contract
  • Service Order
  • Service Order Quotation
  • Service Product
  • Service Product
  • Target Group
  • Territory
  • Warranty


I hope you are excited to get your company using SOA in CRM.

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  • Hello,

    Nice to know but it is just the beginning of the general availability of CRM 2007 (6.0).

    When is CRM 7 supposed to be available ?


    • Hi Olivier.  Fair question.

      CRM 7.0 is planned to be delivered later this year.  I am not the person who can communicate official release dates, but that is the plan I am aware of 😉

      That means Ramp Up customers will be able to start working with SOA services in the very near future.

      If you are planning on upgrading to CRM 7.0, you should talk to your sales person about getting you nominated for the Ramp Up customer list.  If you are planning on using SOA, I would be happy to help sponsor you in your attempt to become a ramp up customer to get you using SOA ASAP.


      • Hi again,

        We were one of the first CRM 2007 (6.0) ramp-up customers to go live in june.
        We have now to really use our system before thinking about upgrading.
        SAP has also to stabilise CRM 2007 : there are loads of notes to apply to keep the system running.
        Please, don't forget that in real life, customers live in the present and not always think about playing with the next toy.


        • Hi Olivier,

          we aren't forgetting our real life customers!

          However, we are currently on the cusp of a new release and we are excited to be out promoting it.  We don't expect that all customers will immediately upgrade, however I do think that SOA is certainly a compelling reason to do so.

          From a customer perspective, I understand where you are coming from.  Just when you get a shiny new thing up and running, the next best thing is being launched to the market and you feel you have outdated software.  That can be frustrating.  I personally think that on the flip side, it is also what makes working in IT so much fun.  Things are always progressing and there is always change to keep things interesting, which is much better than product innovation at a snails pace.

          Best of luck with your CRM 2007.  If you need Web Services right away you can use the Web Services Tool.  Your SAP consultant should be able to get you going on that quite easily.


          • Hi, Timothy,

            Great post.

            I have two questions for you. Can one install these Web Services as part of a CRM 2007 installation (IDES)? Also, architecturally speaking, and from a SOA point of view, how different are the two releases? (CRM 2007 and CRM 7)?

            Thanks for your time,

  • Thanks for this.Working with CRM 7.0 will be fun. Also is web services concept only implemented on the BSP side in the new Web UI?

    If web services (using some tool like in BSP)could be created for the ISA Java Interface specifically for communicating with external product catalogs in Internet Sales application, the ISA implementations would get a solid boost.

    A lot of SAP customers integrate the ISA application with external partner websites (which use.NET applications)where OCI does not suffice. ISA implementations would get a really solid base if we could easily communicate with external systems through web services which could be easily built on ISA Java interface.(using NWDI)and integrated with CRM ISA application.

    Adobe Flex UI on top of SAP CRM for ISA applications provides a similar approach as Flex can also communicate using web services.

    • Hi Robin,

      I am not ignoring you!  I have passed your question to an expert on the ISA Java topic and am waiting for him to answer your question directly.  Thanks for your patience.


      • Hi Tim,

        This is a good discussion point. Can you add me to this chain as I am helping a CRM 7.0 with usage of ISA for the external catalogs and ecomm pieces.

        Thank you

    • Hi Vijay,

      no, we will not be delivering and Enterprise Services for TPM or MDF with CRM 7.0.

      The list I provided is comprehensive of all the objects that we covered in this release.

      There are a couple reasons for why TPM and MDF are not on the list.

      1. We needed to first focus on the core of CRM functionality where are biggest customer base is.

      2. Creation of Enterprise Services (especially modeling) can not be done by any developer, it needs to be done an expert on a particular business object.  In the TPM and MDF areas there were other development priorities for these experts that ranked higher in importance than creating Enterprise Services.

      I am sure in the future you will see some services built in these areas 😉


  • Hi,
    Can you please inform which is the PI/ESR SWCV where the CRM 6.0 ES are delivered. I can't find the ES interfaces in in the ESM CRM 6.0 SWCV.


    • Hi Dipankar,

      I am not sure I understand your question.  My blog is about upcoming Enterprise Services with CRM 7.0.  These services you will not find anywhere yet as CRM 7.0 is not yet released.

      We did not build any Enterprise Services with CRM 6.0.


  • Hi,
    I have a CRM 5.0 that I would like to upgrade to CRM 7.0.
    Could I upgrade it directly to version 7.0 or I have to upgrade first to release crm 2007?

    Are there EHP planned for CRM 5.0 to use instead of upgrade?

    Thank you. 

    • Hi Luca,

      sources tell me it is possible to upgrade direct from CRM 5.0 to CRM 7.0, however I have found no official documentation on this. 

      I suppose this information will be published when CRM 7.0 is released.   Your account team and pre-sales will be able to get that information for you at that time.

      Unfortunately we do not "backport" services.  So the services delivered with CRM 7.0 will not be delivered with earlier releases, meaning you would have to upgrade to get them.  CRM 7.0 will be part of the stable core and moving forward will only have enhancement packages, so there are many benefits to moving to CRM 7.0 besides the Enterprise Services and MUCH better User Interface.