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What kind of Flex and Flash controls would be useful for Rich Islands?

Well, I wasn’t able to make it to Tech-Ed Berlin, not because of the economic downturn, but actually due to a last minute medical emergency.  (Nothing life threatening, but it will require some minor surgery…)

I’m posting this to ask people familiar with the new Rich Islands for Adobe Flash capability (in EP1 for WD ABAP and Java) –

What kinds of sample apps and controls would you like to see?

If you’re not familiar with this very cool new feature in WebDynpro, see the inserted doc (hosted on Adobe’s, try it, its free!)



I’ve spoken to internal SAP developers who have requested things like differrent types of charts for project management, etc, which is a perfectly valid request, but I’d like to hear ideas for any kind of rich, dynamic control that will pass events back to the WD application.  Part of the idea of RIA’s is to engage the user, and by providing a richer, more dynamic experience make the application easier (and really more fun) to use.  

Great members of the community like Tom Jung have already been showing some really cool samples at events like Tech-Ed, with Adobe’s Dan Mcweeny, but please take a moment and let me know what you’d be interested in seeing released as free samples to the SDN and Flex developer community.

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  • Hello,

    Configuration data for UI is interprettd by FloorPlan Manager in order to create WebDynpro screens.

    It would be nice if Flex-Screens could be also created.


  • Hello Andre!

    It would be very great to create a full example with tree hierarchy for WD Java. I’ve found a one example with hierarchy( but there is no code for Flash side in that example. I even don’t know where I can get this control (I mean tree shown in example ment above).
    Can you help me to find some tutorials or docs about this control?

    Regards, Lev

  • Thanks Andre,
      this is a very interesting blog, I’m just trying to re-cup from my experiences on the field.
      I think that a sample with bidirectional communication between WDA and Flash Island would be very useful.
    I think the following are the most used data types:
    – Date field with DateValidator taking the format from SU3
    – Numeric field with NumericValidator taking the format from SU3
    – Currency field with precision according to the relative currency field (CURR/CUKY)
    – Quantity field with precision according to the relative unit field (QUAN/UNIT)
    – TextEdit field to ABAP Texts

    There are good tutorials but Flex Validators could be presented deeper.