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The night before Teched

‘Twas the night before Teched Community day

Well, the afternoon really; I was on my way

To Berlin, by the Jet that’s supposed to be Easy,

But as the flight time grew near, so my stomach grew queasy.

“Check-in four thirty, we’ll meet by the gate”

But my travelling buddy arrived 5 mins too late.

His boarding was barred, he’ll fly the next plane

“This jet is not full though”, we argued in vain.


I flew on alone, Julius in Basel remained,

( His next flight was cancelled – the engine was strained ).

My journey was smooth, the travel went well,

Despite Berlin taxi driven like a bat out of hell.

Check-in, to room, unpack, shower, then bar,

Üwe’s sent a text message, he isn’t too far

Don’t see the others, so I sit on my own,

When an cheery message comes into my phone.


Thomas Zloch’s on his way,despite a voice that’s gone,

And Üwe’s arrived.  The party’s begun.

Pokraka turns up, and Jim Spath, Darren Hague,

Dennis Howard, Anton Wenzelheumer; it gets a bit vague

But I recall meeting Marilyn (Pratt not Monroe),

Morton Wittrock, and many others we know

From SDN, the blogs and forums we frequent.

Putting faces to names;it was quite an event.


Were you at the Radisson on Sunday evening?  I’m sorry if you didn’t get a mention.   For those concerned about Julius Bussche, he eventually made it to Berlin the following day, at about 4pm.  Later in the evening he lost his suitcase, but that’s another story. 

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