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I have experienced BW3.5 implementation projects before and it is time to migrate my skill to BI 7.0. It may useful to the guys facing the similar problems.


1. Register on SDN and put your heart here. Try to ask and answer questions

2. Search SDN before ask questions. You can find lots of useful blog on SDN on how to search smartly.

3. Get the main idea on the difference of BW 3.5 and BI 7.0 here:

4. Try to go through BI 7.0 step by step guide, it will help you to know the difference between them. And you can find it here: BI -> Overview -> Step by step:

5. And install demo content for some test:

6. Go through the online help

7. E-learning: 

8. And you can reference a book named (Addison Wesley 2002) SAP BW – A Step-by-Step Guide which is written by Biao Fu & Henry Fu. though it is based on BW3.0, you can take a practice based on it. Pay attention to the detail, such as fixed currency, if you want build the scenario on 7.0

BTW, From the spell of author name, I guess they come from Chinese too. : P 


It is hard for me to turn to 7.0 without any guide in last several weeks. Hope it works for you if it is your first time to upgrade your skill likes me.


 Please kindly leave your suggestion here. Any advice on this topic will help me to shorten the pain period. T_T

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  1. Michael Taggart
    Hi Brian,
    SAP offers delta training which covers most of the important differences between BW3.0 and BI7. In Australia it is done over 5 consecutive days. Have a look at their website, the courses are DBW70E, DBW70R and DBW70P.   Regards, Mike

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