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First Process Design Slam a Smashing Success – Don’t drop IT

The BPX answer to RIA Hacker Nite?  It’s now called: The Process Design Slam.

Marc Dietrich, an SAP Business Transformation Consultant and BPX community member, explains the rules of the first Process Design Slam which was held immediately following Demo Jam in the SAP Community Clubhouse.

Marc, who is an expert in composition and modeling, decides to make the evening one of “edutainment”. 

I think the following videos of the four competing team solutions make it pretty clear that Marc and teams admirably succeeded in his goals and our “evil plans”.

I’ll let the videos tell the story.  But don’t miss each of the short competing demos.  They are pretty entertaining!

Can you guess which solution won?

Marc explains the business case.



The first team of BPX community members competes to design the Flying Tech Egg powered by BPX



BPX Community Member Theo Elinza presents the second competing solution entitled the reusable EF ESS Egg Rescue Pod



Sig Rinde presents the third solution.  Is it don’t drop it? Or don’t drop IT?



Blogger IdaRose Sylvester presents the Final solution at SAPTechEd ’08 Berlin) (somehow that doesn’t sound quite right)

All honors to Marc who composed and designed this BPX evening event.  Big bravo to Ann Rosenberg my partner in crime for this run of BPX activities at TechEd.  Special kudos to anchor woman of the BPX clubhouse and SAP Mentor Frauke Hassdenteufel   who invented the playful name of this newly launched event.  Thanks to Craig who initiated  the opportunity to launch this pilot and shared his very own “Hacker Nite”.

And especially real gratitude to all of those folks this evening who took a leap of faith and attended our Process Design Slam and proceeded in making it an entertaining evening.  Ann’s book “BPM the SAP Roadmap” is on its way to you all. Cheers!!!

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  • it was great fun to watch the BPXers practicing their manul/technical skills and work on something tangible.

    How about joining the SDN Hackers Night next time and trying to produce CODE?

    Kidding. I liked it a lot.

    • Thanks Anton.  Was just hashing out some ideas with a few folks about next year's activity....not exactly about asking the BPXes to engage in the actual art of coding mind you, 'cause that may be pure geekdom and geeks deserve their inner sanctum of geekiness on occasion so they can be freed to be artistic and creative.  This, despite the fact that Craig pulled it off and got Mike Prosceno of SAP blogger relations there and even had him "doing it" ... to the entertainment and amusement of participants from what I heard. 
      I really liked the co-location of the events.  Did you? And I thought the idea that folks from both communities could visit each others' activities was good and good fun.
      But my own further thinking is that we could evolve a theme that both communities could focus on, each in their own way.  Maybe the hackers could build something really useful to the specifications of the business folks and some of those BPX participants could convince their managements how to fund that innovation....maybe it would be something sustainable even.
      I'd love to see us start laying a foundation for that conversation now.  We could use the link to the wiki in the blog as a place to start brainstorming and discussions about business cases.  Of course, if you prefer, I could once again try my hand at coding (don't worry only kidding)
  • Congratulations to you and the team for "answering the challenge" of the well established Hacker Night event!  Looking forward to more Process Design Slam events at TechEd's in the future!  (But not sure I want to test one of those ELD devices though.... )


    • LOL.  Chip, you can't afford not to come next year because in case you haven't heard one of the groups decided to rename our global event to SAP Tech Egg.  We've got to beware of those BPeggers!
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  • Sorry I could not attend, but it looks like all had much fun. Nice to see the egg analogies ! Not bad for a first design slam ever... and the egg can grow to become a big puppy ! Thanks to all the passionate BPX community members.