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SAP Community Day Berlin 2008

SAP Community day Berlin


We are on Monday evening and the SAP Community day Berlin has just finished. Back in 2006, when I attended to SAPTechEd for the first time, I fell in love with the concept of the Community day. Even though the community was smaller, I found then what is still here today; this passion from individual SAP community members from all over that creates this incredible bond…


I was so impressed by Community day Vegas 2006 that I not only attended to all of them since, but I also presented content at them and took the extra step to make it to Community Day Amsterdam 2006 and now Berlin 2007.


Don’t understand me wrong, I really appreciate the SAPTechEd and will continue to attend it, but for me the community day is still THE day of the event. Fewer people, more passion, less structure and great content. What else could we ask for?


Let me exemplify: During SAPTechEd 2006 in Vegas I presented a concept for automatic generation of ABAP Reports. It was a great experience, but the best for me was to have Rich Heilman attending to my session. I was already an active SAP Community member and of course I knew Rich so when I saw him there in the room I got really happy. Well, since then we got friends and we kept in contact. He helped me on the newer version of the tool, we formed one of the first true Community projects and also presented with me at Vegas Community day 2007 AND ASUG/SAPphire 2008.


I’ve had opportunity to have personal conversations with Keith Elliott, Mark Finnern, Craig Cmheil, Thomas Jung, Marilyn Pratt, Dan McWeeney and Ed Herrmann from SAPLink (what a project…).


I am a strong believer in the community and for me to come here to support what I believe is the best day of the week was an easy choice.


I had the opportunity to meet quite a bit of very interesting people so far. I met Marcelo Ramos and BLAG, 2 strong South American members that make me proud of being one too!. Tonight I had dinner with Thomas, Dan, Rich, Horst Keller, Boris Gebhardt and Andreas Blumenthal. WHAT ELSE COULD I HAVE ASKED FOR?


Summary of my last 36 hours… Arrived in Berlin on Sunday at 12:00 (noon). I didn’t have time enough to see enough of Berlin (such a beautiful city), but this picture may give an idea of what you missed:


Nothing else to say, so much history here… Dan, yes, SAPLink Dan was there and we were able to hook up early on for some sightseeing…


Beatiful city, ugly guy… well, after such a long flight…


The Hotel Radisson SAS, wow, incredible… In the middle of the hotel, this aquarium made in a huge tank format… INCREDIBLE!!!



What a view from the room…


There were many interesting sessions during the Community day (maybe that is why I didn’t have time to take many pictures). Here is a quick list:

  • Mentors Hands on – Great!
  • BPM – Watch for this tool. It will be big.
  • Open ID (nice concept);
  • ABAP Software Architecture

But at the end, one very special session made the whole trip worth it:

  • Panel Discussion: Latest and Gratest in World of ABAP with Andreas Blumenthal, Boris Gebhardt and Horst Keller…


Not only we saw what is coming up, but a good idea if what is in store for the next 12 months!!!! And they were taking open questions from the community! Great!



Community day is a precious event and, for me, the best of the whole week. If the rest of the community is still not aware of it, well, I am! I will be there, no matter what.


‘Till 2009!!!



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  • Leo:

    Thanks a lot for this Community Day wonderful recap…Like you, “I fall in love with CD” -:)

    You say that you’re were lucky to meet me…And I must say that I was lucky to me you too…You’re such a great person, professional, friend, community guy -:D