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The Official Un-Offical Launch of Community Day Berlin

Although SAP Cluetrain intro (Frankfurt to Berlin) sounds like it was the ultimate pre-pre-day event and I’m so jealous that I missed it, Community Day hasn’t officially begun (it does for many in a few short hours) but as I sit here in Berlin I am struck with how very powerfully our ability to communicate our engagements with our community in real time has evolved.  

I got a glimpse of what it was like to travel on the train because I happened to see a “tweet” from an SAP Mentor, describing a video that illustrates the warm camaraderie of the community.  The microblog links to the video, I view it, decide to embed the video here, write this post, and in the interim find that Dennis Howlett has already blogged about it. All while I write this.

A few hours earlier, Adobe’s Dan Mcweeney is at the airport in Berlin looking to get information about getting to his hotel.

I’m on a bus going there and can automatically transmit station and itinerary information via mobil tweet.

The fascinating part is that Dan hasn’t asked me directly for help. My answer to him can potentially save others some angst and money as he retweets, further broadcasting and sharing what is useful to him so that others who might be looking to resolve their transportation logistics can also save 20 or more euro by taking the bus instead of a taxi.

This evening some of the passengers from the SAPTeched Cluetrain arrive in my hotel.  I read a “tweet” from Dennis Howlett announcing that Tom Raftery is entering the lounge so I descend to say a final good evening to Dennis and to the other SAP Mentors that have gathered there.  I’d like to meet Tom face to face.  I am eager to have conversations concerning Green IT.  Tom is a leading expert on the topic.  The information that he has arrived wasn’t particularly directed at me, but it helped me as it was my goal to connect with Tom. 

All this before the pre-conference day has even begun.

Can you imagine what tomorrow will be like?

 Update: While posting this I see that Craig Cmehil has posted SAP TechEd ’08 Cluetrain, the ride begins! documenting the Cluetrain innaguration that gives a great feel of the start of the day.  I’ve posted some quick pics out to Flickr as you probably have come to expect.  What I didn’t share are the pictures of the clubhouse…probably out of fear that I give too much away.  

It’s going to be awesome!

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