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Between the last TechEd preparations and the final ones, before I leave to Berlin at Sunday afternoon, I enjoy Friday night, jointly with my family, a talkshow, called “Koelner Treff”. Two participants need to be recommended.

  • Monika Hauser disclosed a bit on her engagements to protect and to take care about females, which became victims of sexual violation during wars and other society disruptions. Monika Hauser was one out of four recipients of the alternative noble price donated by Right-Livelihood-Foundation in Stockholm. In that short interview she was asked about the role of Martti Ahtisaari, because his UNO negotiation activities in the same conflict region as she acts. Her answer was as short as impressive “he stayed out of those female affairs, because this was part of the local culture” (I don’t remember it word by word, so sorry). This raised to me the question about the date, where diversity becoming world standards.
  • The other participant was Ulrich Wickert, a famous newsreader from public television for a very long period. Before he got to the point to discuss his new hobby, he explained the background of the actual FS crisis in a few phrases, that simple that everybody could understand that. He pointed to the driver avarice.

One might imagine, that the actual FS crisis got now known at the main street. Surprisingly, not that much. I met a few, who believed that this was only with one or another bank, not tangible to him/her in private. My question “size of the world population and the average debt due to the FS crisis per person” were unanswered. The number 220€ debt per person was also not that impressive, but suddenly mentioning the size of world’s population who has less than €2 income per day, was a shock. I ask myself about the duration of that shock after my conversation, but didn’t spend time to it.  In today’s newspaper I’ve read an article about some German cities lending money to Lehmann with the argumentation of high profit from rent. To reduce bureaucracy, cities changed in the direction of commercial business. That’s not bad, but the main question is “in what extent and with which consequences?” I got the hint that the city of Mannheim slipped shortly away from a bankruptcy, because they “missed” the signing date (for lending to Lehmann).

Looking at the stock exchange markets and comparing actual share prices to those a month ago, one could roughly talk about an overall downscaling by 30 or 40%. So, is this is more or less uniform, one could discuss about the “hot air” of the “post e-commerce hypes”. In that context, some of the managers didn’t deliver on expectation and lost their jobs with impressive golden handshakes. We all know this is based in the management contracts, but the juristic process with German Vodafone is not that long ago yet. Next aspect of this downscaling is the size of companies. Some have to reduce size, meaning some managers have to look for another job. What is about those hype-generating managers? Do they now compete with “lower” performing people, who at least know, what they do and deliver beyond of expectations? This is to be expected in next future, because the mental change will not come overnight.

Thinking about this very typical management style, I realized myself that some of them can change into a typical policeman behavior. Typical binary biased on rules from “above”, not able to use a bit of fine-tuning or background-sounding. Saying that, I remember myself a presentation given by Gunter Dueck (author of the book “Omnisophie: about true, real and natural people”), at that time a mathematician working at IBM. In that presentation he reversed the soft-skill classification tests (typical for management assessments (thing-feeling, introvert-extrovert, ….)) and group them according hobby and profession. He showed why certain people can’t communicate with some others. Question from me: “can communicate be exchange by collaborate?” Gunter Dueck is very impressive in his presentations and his books. Unlucky: I saw only one English translation.

The actual FS crisis affects also our awareness directions. Over the week there were some messages about diversity and natural resources:

  • the reduction of the number of different species (fauna and flora) is incredible high and continuous
  • the damage to our natural resources (like tropic and sub-tropic rain forests) is about 3  times the size of the actual FS crisis. That number is a yearly damage. Because of a lack in “ownership and property” there is less change to be expected on short notice. The size of these natural resources in 2050 compared to today is more than a number.

Sites, like are not that popular as web sites with latest business news and opinions, but sometimes we should have to take a look over there. Only because we like to talk about the times after recovery (which recovery?).

And finally the oil price came down. People believe we get back at traditional levels of energy provisioning. In physic terms: “the half life was only 5 to 6 monts.

Kind regards Paul

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