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GuidEd – TechEd Information Aggregator for the iPhone

For the last two year I’ve been at TechEd and was amazed and sometimes lost by the huge amount of fine people and incredible information that I found. Even there I was looking for possibilities to get TechEd onto my mobile phone (the now so old looking Nokia E70) because it was the one thing I always had with me. Yesterday Craig announced SAP mobile TechEd site and I applaud them for this move simple because it was long overdue. We live in a mobile age and I’m a mobile nerd, even more with my shiny iPhone (although still a first gen).

The initial idea for GuidEd came out of an conversation ( on Twitter (the inspiration for so many amazing ideas like ESME) between Frank Koehntopp (@fkoehn), Craig Cmehil (@ccmehil) and me (@oliver), in which Frank (The Gadget Guy) and I was asking if any iPhone support was planned for Berlin. Craig answer?

"ccmehil: @oliver@fkoehn you guys are welcome to do something if you like :-)"

I took the opportunity and decided to build my own one. Let me introduce you GuidEd.

The Landing Page

GuidEd is a web based iPhone application. To start it, visit the following URL on your mobile Safari browser:

GuidEd Start Screen

On the start screen you can see that the content is devided into four large areas. You will find some of the official content like information about technical sessions and special events, but also information from other sources on the net.

Working as an independent on a site like this gave me the possibility to look into integrating information streams from other social communities on the web, something you won’t find in SAP’s mobile site.

Blogs and Live Conversations on Twitter

A lot of blogs get written on SCN about TechEd and they are usually properly tagged. Sometimes they just point to any planned sessions or give you helpful tips about how to survive this huge event. You will find the latest these blog posts published in the Opinions section of GuidEd.

The bloggersphere outside of SCN is of course also writing about SAP TechEd and I’m thinking about integrating this blog stream too but haven’t decided yet.

As a long time Twitter user it was just natural to use it for GuidEd. In the Opinions section you can see all public Twitter messages which either contain the word sapteched or sapteched08. Twitter provides a search engine for its content, which creates an RSS stream from its search results and it updates the stream in close to realtime. When someone on Twitter is talking about TechEd, you will see it here.

Although I’m not involed in the ESME project, I’m very exited to see the SCN community building its own micro blogging plattform. The work they are doing is amazing and because of some of its technical concepts, ESME has huge potentials and I can only hope that the community finally starts to see the big opportunities ESME can provide to the enterprise space.

To do my little part to support ESME, I’m going to add its message stream into the Opinions section. The link is disabled at the moment, but it should be ready for prime time, when TechEd finally starts.

Technical Sessions and the Clubhouse

One of the main reasons to be at TechEd is of course all the technical sessions about the latest SAP products. The section Knowledge let you search through the full sessions catalog either by keyword or by specific track, level or sessions type. It let you also show the upcoming sessions, although there is an outstanding problem I’m hopeful to get it fixed soon.

Beside the technical sessions there is also a bunch of interesting talks and presentations at the Clubhouse and GuidEd let you also see what is going on there so don’t forget to take a look at it.

Special Events at TechEd

Beside the educational program there is always a timefor some entertainment and SAP TechEd is hosting a couple of great events you probably won’t miss. If it is the Keynote on day one, the incredible Demo Jam or or the evening concert event, you will find them all in the Entertainment section in GuidEd. You get a slight overview when and where the event is happening.

All the Media

Beside blogs and tweets there is a bunch of people at TechEd shooting photos and videos and uploading them to sites like Flickr, Picasa or YouTube. The Media section is going to give you a view into what.

Work in Progress

With this little insight into what to expect from GuidEd I can only hope that it become a useful companion for some of you at TechEd. It will certainly be one for me.

I see this as a work in progress. Nothing is fixed and I plan to evolve GuidEd over time and add more features to it to make it even more useful. Maybe there will be an updated version for TechEd Bangalore and I also think about it making it useful for Sapphire next year.

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them here in the comments or try to catch me in Berlin.

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