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TechEd sessions on GRC, and on “CSR and Sustainability”

Abstract: The acronyms GRC and CSR are often used, but still people asked us about the vision, and focus of these domains. Sustainability is that often used, that it seems to become a “non-differentiator”. Putting CSR and Sustainability together in one phrase is forcing the question “What is the difference”. These sessions try to put some light, such that discussions get more lively, and exchanges of minds and thoughts become more fruitful.

The drivers for “governance, risk and compliance” are multi and very industry-specific. The overall methodology and the fundaments of these expertise domains have across the different industries very much in common. The session on “GRC across industries” will provide a cross-industry fundamental description but without any deep-dive facts. REACH, an European initiative within the process industries will be discussed as one GRC example.

The session intends to kick-off a discussion platform to share knowledge and expertise, but also to link questions to appropriate answers by the participants of the platform.

Dennis Howlett will present on Wednesday a session on GRC in the context of the actual FS Crisis.

In the other session “CSR and sustainability” I’ll continue on my TechEd Las Vegas session and focus more on the differentiation between both domains. Next I’ll explain why sustainability is a personal, private topic and can’t become a corporate or governmental discipline. We, you and I, are asked to interact mental and to start changes based on convincement.

So, the content of this session is based on the personal experience, visions, and motivations of the active participants. That means I’m not the only speaking person (hopefully). One of my drivers: “I saw already more changes to this world as my parents, grandparents, and their parents saw in junction”. I’m not that old and didn’t experienced a war in my close neighborhood. Nevertheless “saw more” is not always “better”.

Each session will last for 30 minutes.

If you like to participate real-time, please drop us an e-mail: mailto: or mailto: We will provide you with the connectivity and meeting information. Both sessions are recorded, so you can listen to the recordings by the end of October.

Here the sessions:

Oct 14, 2008 11:30- 12:00        GRC across industries

Oct 14, 2008 17:00-17:30         Sustainability and CSR

Kind regards Paul

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  • At the moment, this session was intended to run, we had some major technical issues. So we weren’t able to drive the virtual session according to our broadcasting performance standards.

    We will schedule this session on a later point in time, most probably after TechEd Berlin. We keep you tuned via this channel.

    Kind regards Frauke, Paul