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Life is all about Days: Date in XI

I read a small story today that follows below.

A group of ten friends were traveling to a destination by walk. They have to cross a river were no boats were available. As the current was less intense they decided to cross the river by walking across it. They did it safely and at the opposite bank of the river they made a head count. The leader of the river counted and found there was only nine; similarly all the others counted only nine. They concluded that some one has gone astray or dead in the river and started weeping. A priest on that way asked their problem and asked the leader  “Count again before me” and he counted it as nine and the priest said,   “The tenth one who is missing is none but it is you”.

The moral is that we search for thing outside but actually what we search is our self/ resides within us.

Ok… What does this story has to do with XI..?

This story is mortal; in our technical world we search for things that are always documented. But we are not aware that some features that are not really documented but it does exist. These undocumented functionalities drives peoples mind astray.

Yep. This happened today in this Date Conversion problem!. So I thought this could be really document if not through but still throw a potent SDN Blog.

I am elucidating on the DateTrans standard function of Message mapping.

The DateTrans function not only can manipulate the ddMMyyyy to any other numeric format but also can convert the month to a string representation.

Following is the format conversion of the month value in the function.

 Pattern  Description
 MM  Represent month in numeric format like 01,02,03
 MMM  Represent month in string format with a limitation on 3 character like Jan
 MMMM  Represent month in a complete string format like January, February


Here is a screen shot of the working example of it.

Date Transformation


As like few of us I was really unaware of this unless I read and answered this Date Conversion problem!. Thanks for SDN, which has created such collaborative platform to learn while we make others learn.

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