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Hello Rapidly Changing World


As I look around I find myself in unfamiliar, but exciting territory — both in the world and at SAP.  I’ve recently joined SAP Business Objects to lead the emerging technologies group, and am finding myself in fantastic company, but the sands around us seem to be shifting at increasing speeds.

Amidst the wholesale shifts occurring in the technology landscape and the radical restructuring of the financial landscape we see a great opportunity — the opportunity to fundamentally change how people work day to day.  This will range from the miniature revolutions, such as dead-simple collaboration tools, to major revolutions, such as fundamentally empowering modern workers to do their work their own way, leveraging core systems, not being the core system’s slave.

This blog will be about the stuff going on around us.  Some of it will be about emergent products, which we are very passionate about.  Some of it will be about our brilliant customers, who not only serve as our muse but give us our purpose.  And some will be challenging our existing notions of Intelligence in the workplace, or perhaps challenging our existing notions of the workplace itself.

Feel free to let us know, along the way, what you want to have us dialogue with you about.  We’re very excited to have the conversation.  More soon, but for now, back to the products…

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