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Bangalore, are we coming?

Does Bangalore even want a Community Day this year? We had such an awesome time last year, it was amazing and yet here I am again wondering where everyone is?

So far out of 60 people contacted so far this is what we 🙁

Perhaps I should go ahead and open the registration link to everyone else now and NOT give any special treatment to those 60 people who have “earned” it, they seem not to be interested? 18 people have responded and here I thought Bangalore was excited to have the Community Day?

I was expecting at least 60 signups by today if not more since I gave each of those 60 people the chance to also invite one other person. Then on top of that for the top contributors I let them invite a second person as well. So in total the Community Day Bangalore should of had 142 signups already! Instead I have 18

OK I know this has turned into somewhat of a game, and I’m sure somewhere there is the Bangalore back channel where you are all saying “come on everyone wait a little longer, Craig is so getting nervous this will be funny!” but really – every year? OK I find it funny as well – every year I get nervous and every year we have a massive increase in people and we have an even better time than the year before but still – come on sign up already!

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  • Hi SCNers in India,

    For us organizers this is really frustrating. A lot of effort and time goes into these community days and people tell us: “It is the best day of TechEd”, “Learned so much, that I saved consulting thousands of consulting dollars”. So the hope is, that next year at least the getting folks to come will be a breeze, they will line up to be part of it again. We open the door in anticipation and — tumbleweed rolling by.
    Why? Mark

  • I think this week being a festival time in India many people are on vacation and may not check their mails regularly. So I feel you’ll see more sign-ups just in the beginning of the next week. I’m sure there are definitely much more than 18 people in India who are very much interested to participate in the Community Day and shall sign-up and participate for sure. Just wait for the weekend…
    • I know there are holidays but I decided this was probably my ONLY chance to “say it” (Abesh’s Blog) I fully expect to get flooded with signups on Monday 🙂
  • Hi Craig,
    Have the 60 also been asked to vote on the community day sessions as well? I have put in a session on XI / PI; but would love to know the interest in it.
    Goes without saying, that even if there is one soul willing to listen to me, I can go on and on and on 🙂
    For now though, I guess my energies are for tomorrow and this week at Berlin!


  • Hi Craig,

    Actually I have proposed a Session for Community Day on “Accessing Portal APIs from SAP Enterprise Widget”. So I would like to know whether my registration for the community day will be free or I will have to pay for the registration.

    • Hi Craig,

      Is community day registration open for NON SAP members of SDN? Can we prpose few sessions if we are allowed to register?

      Rohit Chowdhary

  • Hi Craig,
    I also agree that Bangalore should have business community day. At the same time I also want to know whether this community day participation day will be free or I have to pay something as a registration fees.