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New SAP/InnoCentive Challenge on Data Visualization


A new InnoCentive challenge with the title “Visualizing Enterprise Data Quality” has been posted in the SAP Innovation and Technology Pavilion. With this blog I want to give you some background information about this challenge.

As the title indicates, this challenge is roughly in the Master Data Management (MDM) space. Basically, the challenge seeks new data visualization techniques that can be used to graphically analyze the quality of enterprise data within a system that is aiming to reconcile multiple sources of data.

Many factors determine the quality of the data being analyzed, e.g. consistency and completeness, availability and if it is up-to-date.Weighing those factors against each other to make a quick assessment whether a business decision based on the given quality of the data is still possible or not is a key factor for the success of any proposed solution to this challenge. The challenge specifies a number of concrete use cases that you, the Solver community, should focus on, such as

  • Verifying the sufficiency of the information related to the data being analyzed
  • Resolving duplication of data records
  • Setting enterprise-specific metrics to track the value/health of the data

In particular, Solvers are asked to demonstrate how their ideas for new user interfaces and graphical techniques can help business experts to address the issues in these key scenarios. SAP as the Seeker of this challenge is looking for user interface mock-ups illustrating these new visualization techniques which can be created using common software prototyping tools such as Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

The deadline for submitting solutions to the “Visualizing Enterprise Data Quality” challenge is November 17th, and the award amount for the winning solution(s) is $10,000.

Join the more than 80 solvers who already started working on this challenge. If you are new to InnoCentive and the SAP Technology and Innovation Pavilion, you can register your free Solver account here.

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