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BusinessObjects and SAP Part 2 of 4 – Creating a Xcelsius Dashboard on top of SAP BI

  In the first part of this short blog series we created a BI Query, created a Crystal Reports object on top of the BI Query and as last step we created a Live Office document leveraging the Crystal Report object inside Microsoft Excel so that we can no go to Xcelsius and build the dashboard.         As a next step we will use the Live Office document as a source for the Xcelsius dashboard.        In the Xcelsius Designer open the menu*Data > Import from Enterprise.* You will be asked to authenticate towards the  BusinessObjects Edge server.       After you authenticated towards the system you will be presented with the folder structure of your system.      Navigate to the folder where you stored the Live Office document and select the document.    As the next step select the menu *Data > Connections* and click “Add”After doing so navigate to the *Usage* tab.        Here you can configure how often the data is being refreshed (using Live Office with the Crystal Reports towards SAP BI as the data source). Check the *Refresh on Load* property        Now you can drag and drop a Stacked Bar Chart (or any other chart type fitting your data) to the Xcelsius canvas.   Via a double-click you can open the properties of the chart and you will find a icon next to the “Data Values” which allows you to select the range in the Excel spreadsheet.  Important to mention here that the spreadsheet is only used during the design time of the Xcelsius visualization and that – in case you not sure how many records will be returned – you can mark a larger range and configure the components to ignore blank rows.        Remember that our underlying BI Query contains a SAP variable and that during the creation of the Live Office document we did point the parameter to the cell A16 (see above in Yellow) *(see Part 1  (BusinessObjects and SAP Part  1 of 4 – Creating a Xcelsius Dashboard on top of SAP BI))*        Now click the Preview Icon in the Xcelsius designer. Because you are not authenticated against BusinessObjects Enterprise at this time a logon mask will come up and ask for BusinessObjects Enterprise credentials. Use the SAP Authentication and the SAP credentials you can leverage Single-Sign-On from the Xcelsius Dashboard to Live Office and Crystal Reports down to the SAP BI System. Enter you SAP Credentials in the same way we used to enter it in Live Office :     0.1. Example :CIM~003/demo          After the authentication the chart will show up with the data retrieved from the SAP BI system via Crystal Reports and Live Office.          Go back to the Xcelsius Designer and select the menu *File > Save As >… *and select Enterprise to save the Design of the Xcelsius Dashboard to BusinessObjects Enterprise. 
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  • Hello,

    I have installed:

    1. Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard Edition on VMWare
    2. BO Edge 3.1 with Tomcat
    3. Microsoft Office 2003 (Excel only)
    4. Xcelsius 2008
    5. LiveOffice
    6. Java Connector 2.1.8 (We did not find the %/Tomcat55/shared/lib% so we created the shared and lib folders and pasted the dll file)
    7. Integration Kit 3.0 …

    and it is running.

    I created a query in BEx. And now I want to create dashboard in Xcelsius. In the “Query as a Web Service” I published a query. In the next step I want to Add in Xcelsius “Query as a Web Service” as Connection in Data Manager. But this field is not existing in the list.

    After that I follow this guide: “Xcelsius 2008 with SAP NetWeaver BI”. In LiveOffice I could integrate my query. Then I could save this query “Save to BusinessObjects Enterprise”. But I can’t use it as a source for Xcelsius, because “Import from Enterprise” is not clickable. And “Live Office Connection” is not available in the “Data Mananger”-List.

    What I have to do? How I can create some dashboard in Xcelsius on another way?

    Thank you for your support.

    Andriy Kabalkin