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Main Street squares off against Wall Street: Another battle over more regulations (more sticks) vs. unimpeded “free” enterprise is gearing up as a predictable fallout of the financial crisis in America, possibly with even more virility than the public response to Enron.   “The greatest danger is that we do a Sarbanes-Oxley squared on the financial system,” says Harvard professor Ken Rogoff, former chief economist. I encourage you to look at several blog sites to understand the various points of view that are surfacing:

Yet, even more disconcerting…why was Wall Street unable or unwilling to tap into the community wisdom of Main Street?  Who was listening to the wisdom of the community in America, the citizens of small towns and communities who knew something was amiss?

Companies are really good at managing their businesses, but when they fail to connect outside their factory walls or corporate gates to invite the wisdom of corporate outsiders-to hear the voice of the citizens in the communities where they operate-corporate management teams lose a competitive edge. It isn’t always easy to see what community stakeholders see, especially when there is a disconnect between the companies’ perception of their work and the community’s perception.

Try these free downloadable integrity management tools to check in with your community; to identify and understand any gaps between community perceptions and corporate perceptions.

 Integrity Ladder for use with Community Stakeholders

A questionnaire that can be used with community stakeholders – the tool invites the community to identify (i) its perception of a corporation’s commitment to integrity, and (ii) its expectations for corporate behaviours.


Integrity Ladder for use with Community Stakeholders


Community Investment Strategy Tool

This tool helps corporations to clarify connections between mandatory investments in communities, voluntary investments in communities, and philanthropy.


Community Investment Strategy Tool

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