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Master Data Managment — A Key to Data Business

Master data is not just an issue for CIO or CXO level people. Basically Data Steward will be more in Panic mode. Fact is that organizations shouldn’t be a scarce commodity, and should share it more widely as well as wisely requires more than bridges between IT systems. you need bridges to the processes and people that drive the enterprise or rather we should say Business depends on Data. Everyone-from the CEO to the employees who are the stackholder of your business-needs consistent, timely, and credible access to one truth, whenever and wherever they need it. Without it, inaccurate data looks like a bad rumor-it spreads quickly and morphs continuously, leaving frayed reputations and uncertainty in its wake. Effective master data management allows Enterprise to reach beyond the confines of their enterprise and compete in the networked world. As the saying goes, “True Command More Demand.” Sharing that truth-or arriving at it in the first place-is easier and more important than ever.From one source “If one of your key indicators is out of whack, you want to be able to drill down and understand what’s out of whack and why, and what you can do to correct it”.Conclusions are only as good as your data, and master data provides a more accurate foundation for business intelligence. So we can see how master data depending on Complete Business.


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