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Including Country-Specific tables in Wage Type Maintenance

Maintaining Wage Types


When maintaining  Wage Types (coyping or deleting) using transaction PU30 or OH11, you expect that all the tables in which the WT exist are taken into account. e.g. if you want to copy WT M101 for molga = 04 into a new WT, you’ll notice that although WT M101 exists in table T5E37, after copying the Wage Type, the target WT does not exist in table T5E37 as you expected. This causes the target WT is not an exact copy of the original one.


Transaction PU30 / OH11 makes a copy (or deletion) of the original WT into the target WT of all the entries in international tables, such as T512W and T511. Other tables such as T5E37 may be ignored.


Tuning-up transactions PU30 / OH11


In order to include in the WT Maintenance Country-Specific, Add-on and Customer-Owned Wage-types an Abap include named RPUWMT*0 or H**UWMT0 (where * / ** is the letter(s) for your country) must be created in case it does not exist yet. e.g. RPUWMTE0 should be created for Spain and HARUWMT0 should be created for Argentina. For some countries like Germany, the report RPUWMTD0 is provided in the standard but of course it will not take into account Customer-Owned tables. You can use RPUWMTD0 as a template to create your own Country Version. Details on how to create it can be found in the on-line documentation of program RPUWMTX0. It is not necessary to create the report from scratch as you can use for example program RPUWMTD0 as a template.



  • How to know if a table is Country-Specific, Customer-Owned or Add-on specific:

By the package they belong to. Go to transaction SE11, type the name of the table in the field “Database table”. Go to “Attributes” and you’ll see the package. In the Package Attributes you’ll see the component, e.g. PY-XX and Software component e.g. SAP_HRRXX.


  • How to know which tables in your system may contain Wage Types:

Go to transaction SE11, type “LGART” in the Data Type field and click on the “Where-used list” icon. You’ll get a list of tables that may contain Wage Types. There can be other tables that contain WTs.


Additional notes:


PY-XX-TL 639536 Wage type copier: More than one wage type in request
PY-XX-TL 777542 Table T549V is not copied
PY-XX-TL 682144 Tables for new averages are not copied
PY-XX-TL 860295 PU30: Table T558A results in the dump

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