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Get the new SAP GUI for Windows Signature Design right now!

With SAP GUI for Windows Version 7.10 Patch 11 the new design theme Signature will be available. It does harmonize the User Interfaces of SAP various products. (SAP Signature Design)


Unfortunatelly Patch 11 of SAP GUI isnt yet available, but this doesnt mean you cant get the new theme right now. All you need is a GUI 7.10 and the Netweaver Business Client (NWBC).


Logon to your SAP System via the NWBC.



Open an application (e.g. the Object Navigator)





Now create a new session




… hello Signature!


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  • Can you confirm the patch levels of the NWBC and the Windows GUI as I have both, NWBC Version: 10000.1.9.777 and GUI is 7.10 patched to level 9 and my NWBC does not show the Signiture theme when pulling up SE80 let alone when I open up a session?

    Is it dependent upon the settings of the Gui as to how it is displayed within the NWBC.

    As a side note, it you ise WTS to access SAPs Demo systems, the same gui Patch gives full Signature access. Not Fair….

  • When i try to connect portal via NWBC ,i can’t able to connect.It shows some navigation tree error.Is there any seperate prerequisite for this procedure.