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Easy search on SAP sites with Ubiquity

I have been using Launchy to get easy access to search on SAP notes and start my SAP GUI. Launchy is an application which can be used to launch other applications or access websites. Nigel James wrote about how to use Launchy in a Launching out with Launchy and how to access sap notes easy.

Recently I discovered that Firefox was also working on a similarly project called Ubiquity. The difference is that Ubiquity is placed within the browser and can access the same information as the browser. It has easy access to google maps for an address which has been selected and complete other tasks that you would do in your browser.

It is possible to create some commands you self, which can be used to enhance your browser experience. For instance it could be to change tabs or to make the tasks that you normally do on your favorite sites. The commands are written in Javascript, and there is a pretty good tutorial on how to get started.

To get started using Ubiquity just install the Firefox plugin from the Mozilla site.

After you have installed the plugin goto the command press CONTROL and SPACE and you will get a popup in our browser like the following. In this window you can enter commands to Ubiquity.


Try commands like map (address) or in an edit field mark an url and use the command tinyurl.

I have written some commands which can be implemented pretty easy. To implement them use the command command-editor.


In the command window insert the following code, and it should be possible to run the commands.

The script contains three commands.

  • sapnote which take a service marked place note number and display a page with the note.
  • sapql is to access SAP Quicklinks like SWDC or notes
  • sdn-search which make a search on SDN for the query you have made.


The sdn-search search command look like the following.



Updated 11/11 2008

It is now possible to install scripts by subscribing to a site. Goto and select subscribe.

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  • I think Ubiquity has a lot of potential. I recently discovered Launchy and I can't live without it... really.

    Any ideas on how to use search SAP notes using the filters (or at least using a fixed filter on the Application Area)?


  • Good stuff Dan.
    I had seen ubiquity and have been a fan of Enso for a while but have not loaded it yet.

    This post has given me the inspiration to do just that.


  • Hi Daniel,

    great blog. I hoped to be the first one to bring up Ubiquity on SDN, but you beat me.
    Saved me some writing though as I could just point to your blog for the introduction.
    We've created another command that helps you search the Enterprise Services Workplace:

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Daniel,

    I agree, really great stuff!
    Just played around with your your new commands and love them.
    I only had problems when entering two terms in the SCN search because the search URL was not capable of using "%20" instead of space.
    After some "playing around" I found that via inserting the following line the problem can be fixed:
    urlString = urlString.replace(" ","+");

    Maybe you want to add it to your code so that every subscriber gets an update.

    Again, great work!