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SAP Mentor Monday: Michal Krawczyk influencing SAP Software

If you have been around SCN for a while you know about Michal Krawczyk. He won Top Contributor Award for his activities in XI/PI for three years. Wrote the most read SCN blog of all times: The specified item was not found.. He was also the SAP Mentor nominated the most to become a mentor, even though he was one already 😉

He has a very interesting story to tell, how his code described in his blog: The specified item was not found. made it into SAP standard delivery.

Check out this video:


Here is what I was able to find out from SAP Development about this case. Yes the function made it into SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0, which is in ramp-up at the moment. His code was tested and found to be super fast. Some enhancements were done to bring it into the SAP internal standards regarding error handling and acknowledgements.

This is to my knowledge the first time that code by an SAP Mentor made it into the SAP standard, which is one of the visions that we had when we started the initiative: SAP Mentors expertise influencing SAP development. Excellent work Michal.

We are doing many things to bring your insights closer to our SAP development teams, to lay the foundation for many more of this kind of collaboration/innovation.

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