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So I am back from the SAP TechED in Vegas and a lot of people asked us how they could create such a great Xcelsius visualization like Donald MacCormick did during the keynote of John Schwarz.


So here I will now – day-by-day –  explain what you would have to install and configure and how you then can leverage the software to create such a great dashboard in a very simple way on top of your SAP system.


First of all we need the software and for our purposes we will use the following components:

  • BusinessObjects Edge Series XI Release 3.0
  • Crystal Reports 2008
  • Xcelsius Enterprise 2008
  • Live Office XI Release 3.0
  • Integration Kit for SAP Solutions XI Release 3.0
  • SAP Java Connector
  • SAP Transports (part of the Integration Kit for SAP Solutions)

You should be able to download the software either via SDN (Download area) or you might already have access to the software via service marketplace (Software Distribution Center > Installations  and Upgrades > BusinessObjects packages and products).


In this blog I will focus on the installation part of the software and in the next blog I will explain the configuration of the components. I will use a blank VMWare with Windows 2003 Server to create a system which will have the client components on the server components on a single VMWare.


BusinessObjects Edge Series

I start with the installation of BusinessObjects Edge. After calling the setup I am asked to select the language of the installation routine (not the language for the installed software).



I am selecting English and continue.

In the next step I accept the license agreement…


…And will then provide the license key for the software.


 In the next step I can now select the Language Packs for BusinessObjects Edge allowing me to deploy multiple languages of the software in a single step.

After selecting English as Language Pack, I can provide the folder for the software and I can select which database server I want to select to host the system database (a detailed list of supported databases is available in the platform matrix).


Then I can select the port for the Central Management Server and provide a password that will be set for the administrative account as part of the installation process.


… and I can then configure the port for the Server Intelligence Agent…


… and in the next step configure the password for – in my case – the MySQL database that will be deployed.


Now I select the Application Server and for my purposes I am selecting Tomcat as application Server (a list of supported Application Server can be found in the platform matrix).


After this the software will get installed as selected and depending on the hardware you will get the following screen after a couple of minutes.



I am restarting my system and continue the installation afterwards. The installation will continue in Part 2 of this blog series.

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      1. David Bradley
        Hi Ingo,

        Does the Integration Kit for SAP Solutions XI Release 3.0 come as part of the Edge trial download or would we need to purchase this?

        Thanks, David

  1. Tanuj Bolisetty

    We have Netweaver BI 7.0 in our compnay. We are planning to use BO frontends ( Webintelligence, Crystal reports and Xcelsius) going forward.

    From the Architecture standpoint , Do we need to install BOBJ Enterprise XI server.

  2. Anesh Boddapati
    Ingo –

        I have installed BO – Edge Series XI Release 3.0 trail version in my laptop. I am getting following error when try to log into Central Management Console. I am new to Business Object, Can you help me in this issue. Thanks!

    ” Account Information Not Recognized: Enterprise authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is correct. (FWB 00008) ”

    Anesh B

        1. Anesh Boddapati
          Ingo –
                  After installing BO in my system I was unable to log into CMC with my user ID. Later I came to know I have to use ” Administrator ” as my login ID. My problem was solved. Thanks!

          Anesh B

  3. Deepu Sasidharan
    Hi Ingo,

    I am trying to figure out which components need to be installed on the server vs. the developer desktop.

    Do you need all the components listed in your blog needs to be on the server or will the option below work?

    BusinessObjects Edge Series XI Release 3.0 –> SERVER
    Crystal Reports 2008 –> DESKTOP
    Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 –> DESKTOP
    Live Office XI Release 3.0 –> DESKTOP
    Integration Kit for SAP Solutions XI Release 3.0 –> SERVER
    SAP Java Connector –> SERVER
    SAP Transports (part of the Integration Kit for SAP Solutions) –> SAP SERVER



    1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author

      Integration Kit for SAP Solutions XI Release 3.0 –> SERVER & CLIENT parts

      SAP GUI –> SERVER and DESKTOP ? 

      >> on the server you only need specific files. See the installation guide of the SAP Integration Kit for details

      all other items as stated from your side


      1. Jerry Jesiolowski
        I just found your site and it appears that it is going to be helpful.

        We have one question:
        Do we need to install the SAP-GUI on our desktop in order to create reports Crystal Reports(Version 2008)?  
        We have installed Crystal 2008 –  Client Tools – Integration Kit on our desktop as well as the SAP-GUI, however our company wants us to somehow use the server based version of the SAP-GUI when invoking “create new report from a query on the SAP Main Menu Tab.   We have SAP-GUI instaled as well on our Terminal Server, but can not figure out how to invoke this version from inside of Crystal Reports.   Thanks  Jerry

  4. Jacek Kasperowski
    Hello Ingo
    After I had read your blog, I decided to install BO Edge Series 3.0 on my laptop (Win XP SP3)
    I hadn`t database so I chose to install mysql database server shipped with BO software, using all default values.
    During installation I got this error: Central Mangement Server has failed to start. STU000213
    But installation completed successfully.
    After that I can`t log into CMS (error FWM 01003 server not found or may be down) and in CCM I only see Apache Tomcat server.
    How to solve this issue?
    Can You help me?
    I posted my question on the forum but there are no replies
            1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author
              good to hear. yes – the administrator password is setup during the installation and in case you used the checkbox then the password is blank.


      1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author
        Hello Saurabh,

        I would suggest you enter this as an issue into the BusinessObjects Enterprise forum and I am sure people will help you. Here it is difficult to respond to people.

        You can also already check if Edge is the first install or if other BusinessObjects software has been installed already.


  5. Jaishankar Panneerselvam
    Hi Ingo,

    I installed BO XI 3.0 client and Crystal reports 2008 in my laptop (Windows XP as Operating System). When I try to install BO integration kit for SAP in my laptop, i got error — “This product cannot installed on the same system as Crystal Reports 2008. STU000244”


    1. Community User
      Hi ,
      I have installed Crystal report XI , in my system after that i ahev installed the integration kit for SAP. im not able to see any menu in the name of SAP.I meant to know whether any integration kit is avaiable for crystal report XI. Let me know the procedure to proceed with the issue. but i can able to log in to business view and all the components.
  6. Marina Mussatti
    In a typical installation of SAP BW we have development, quality and production environments. How are each of the environments works with BO? We need to have an  BO environments for each of BW? or with a single installation of BO can handle the three environments of SAP?
    1. Ingo Hilgefort Post author
      Hi Marina,

      would you mind putting your question into the SDN Forum so that other people can also see the discussion ?
      Normally you would have a BOE System for DEV, QA and PROD as well.


  7. Donald May
    As we prepare to undertake supporting BOBJ reporting on SAP BW, I am trying to understand whether or not the BI Java Stack is required for any of the client-side product integration or the BOE server components.  Is it a required BWA component for the SAP BO Integration Kit or only for certian integration scenarios?  Can it be implemented using only an ABAP stack?

    Thank you,
    Donald May

      1. Donald May
        Thank you Ingo.  Is the Excelcius dependency on the Java stack there if BICS is the connection method?

        As for the other client tools (ie, Crystal and Webi), can we integrate them into BWA having only an ABAP stack in place and implementing the SAP BO Integration Kit (SAP IK)?


  8. Kannan Jagadeesan
    Hi Ingo Hilgefort,

    I am a BI Consultant beginning to study BO. As part of it, I tried to download BusinessObjects Edge Series. I am unable to download it.

    Kindly tell me how to download it. When I fill the relevant details in the site and press the submit button, it does not take me to the download area.

    Kindly advise.

      1. ramakrishna reddy
        Hi Ingo,

        I downloaded the BusinessObjects Edge series and it contains 4 parts. And are of .rar files.
        I extracted the files of part1 and i observed that an application file named with Buisnessobjects is there. When i double click this application i am not getting any windows to install.
        what would be the reason?

        My OS Windows Vista 32bit
        AMD 64bit


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