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How to adjust virtually any text element in Duet’s User Interface

Original Duet User Interface

With Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP, information from SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) can be exposed in Microsoft Outlook following a role-based authorization concept. In the configuration depicted below, the hire date and capacity utilization level is shown within the Employee Record tab of an Outlook contact. The heading for this kind of information is by default “Contract Data”, but you can adjust it to your needs easily. In this blog, I will show you how to change this to a string of your choice, in our case “Contractual Information”.





Local Text Replacement

Go to the Duet Administration Environment in your browser at the URL http://:/duet. Logon as Administrator and select the “Business Environment” tab. On the tab “User Interface Configuration” selected by default, select the Duet Application you want to configure. In the sub tree, navigate to “Text Replacement” and “Local”. Here all adjustable Strings on the Duet UI are listed. Search for the desired location, change the text according to your needs, then click on the Save button.





Commit Changes

What you have just edited is the draft version. The drop-down menu above the “Applications” tree on the left denotes what version you are currently viewing. The concept is that the Duet Administrator performs all desired changes in the draft version and then commits all changes at once. This allows tracking the changes and versions and also ensures that the texts sent to Duet clients are in a consistent state of terminology. In this drop-down menu, you can switch to “Committed Version” to have a read-only view of the terminology and settings that are currently deployed to the Duet clients.




To commit your changes, switch to the “Management” tab, then select the applications you changed. Optionally, provide a description of your changes to later retrace the modifications more easily, then click on the Commit button.



Modified Duet User Interface

After a successful commit, the changes are propagated to the Duet clients. On next metadata refresh, the Duet client UI will have changed automatically to the terminology provided by you.




As shown in this blog, Duet offers an easy-to-use and powerful tool to adjust Duet even more to your needs and your company’s own terminology. For advanced topics of Duet Text Replacement, please take a look at the Behind the Scenes of Duet Text Replacement.

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