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Everything you need to know about the Interaction Record in the CRM Interaction Center

An interaction record is created for every interaction in the Interaction Center. An interaction starts with and inbound or outbound contact and ends when the agent presses the ‘End’ button. The confirmed account, contact person and registered product, all business transactions created and accessed (in edit mode), selected solutions from the knowledge search, and all processed inbound and outbound emails are linked to the interaction record (via the activity clipboard).

This document has the objective to answer the following questions:

  • What is the Interaction Manager?
  • When is an interaction record created?
  • Can the creation of an interaction record be avoided or suppressed?
  • What are dependent business transactions and how do they relate to interaction records?
  • How is content of the activity clipboard linked to the interaction record?
  • How is the interaction record used in reporting?

This document describes the behavior of the interaction record in SAP CRM2007.

What is the Interaction Manager?

The Interaction Manager is not to be confused with the Interaction Manager Business Role (IC_MANAGER). The Interaction Manager is a technical object in the Interaction Center. Its lifetime starts when an Interaction Center session is started.

The task of the Interaction Manager class is to know when the agent starts working on something that should not be overlapped or interrupted by different work. Therefore the Interaction Manager listens to events like accepting a call/chat/e-mail, confirming an account, etc. If one of these events happens then the Interaction Manager will remember that the agent has started interaction related work, and the InteractionStarted event will be raised.

When is an interaction record created?

An interaction record is created when:

  • The agent accepts a new inbound communication
  • An account is confirmed
  • The Interact button is pressed in the Inbox
  • A new or reply email (fax, letter) is created
  • Executing a call from a call list
  • An interaction record is created from the navigation bar
  • A dependent business transaction is created




Account confirmation


Business Partner

Interact from Inbox for business transaction


Business Partner

Interact from Inbox for email, fax, letter



Accept inbound communication



New or reply email (fax, letter)


Outbound email of fax

Manual Interaction Record


Interaction Record

Dependent Business Transaction


Business Transaction

Call from a call list (*)


Call List

The Interaction Manager listens to the events mentioned in the table above. When one of these events is raised the Interaction Manager class will trigger the INTERACTION_STARTED event.

The event INTERACTION_STARTED is picked-up and the Interaction Record will be created.

(*) In case of a call selected from a call list, there is no creation of the interaction record yet. The Interaction record is prepared. The interaction record is created when the account is confirmed

What are dependent business transactions?

Dependent business transactions are customized in the Business Transaction Profile. These are CRM Business Transactions for which there are Interaction Center specific UI components. The following dependent business transactions exist:

  • Sales Order (UI Component: ICCMP_BT_SLO)
  • Sales Ticket (ICCMP_BT_SLT)
  • Service Order (ICCMP_BT_SVO)
  • Service Ticket (ICCMP_BT_SVT)
  • Complaint (ICCMP_BT_COM)
  • Lead (ICCMP_BT_LEAD)

A dependent business transaction can only be created when an interaction record exists. If no interaction record exists when the agent tries to create a dependent business transaction, the system will create the interaction record in the background.

An interaction record is needed before creating a dependent business transaction because the confirmed account and contact person data is transferred from the interaction record into the dependent business transaction. Additionally there is a document flow link (type INTA) between the interaction record and the dependent business transaction created.

Can the creation of an interaction record be avoided?

There is a BADI available to suppress the creation of the interaction record: CRM_IC_IARECORD

With this BADI it is possible to suppress the creation of the interaction record based on for example the interaction source (Inbox, Call List, …). There is a sample implementation in the system that suppresses the creation of the interaction record for email interactions started from the inbox.

Be aware that without an interaction record the content of the activity clipboard cannot be linked when the interaction is ended.

When creating a dependent business transaction this BADI should not be used to suppress the creation of the interaction record as the interaction record is necessary for the creation of dependent business transactions. If this BADI would be used to suppress the interaction record, then the creation of a dependent business transaction willfail.

How is content of the activity clipboard linked to the interaction record?

When the interaction is ended (by pressing the END button), the content of the activity clipboard is linked to the interaction record. The content of the activity clipboard (including dependent business transactions) is linked to the interaction record using an INTO link.

Difference between Interaction Record and other Business Activities

When an interaction record is created the system creates an ‘anchor’ document flow link (relationship type INTO with object type CRMCICANCH). This differentiates an interaction record from all other Activity Business Objects (BUS2000126).

This additional anchor is used in navigation: when navigating from the interaction history or inbox to an interaction record, the system will use this anchor to determine whether an activity is of type interaction record or not. An interaction record typically has other screens than a normal business activity.

The BW extractor makes also use of this anchor object to differentiate interaction record related statistics from regular business activities.

How is the interaction record used in BW Reporting?

The BW DataSource 0CRM_INTER_REC_H uses extractor function module CRM_IC_INTERACTION_RECORDS. This retrieves all Interaction Records, and counts how many business transactions (service tickets, sales orders, complaints, …) or business partners were created, changed or opened during an interaction. Created objects are derived based on the INTA link with the interaction record. This link type proves that a business transaction was created during the interaction. Changed or Opened objects are taken from INTO links with the interaction record. It also extracts the total handling time of the interaction record.

Using the Statistics Interface it is possible to upload CMS statistics into CRM. In CRM this communication data can be combined with interaction record data and extracted to BW (using DataSource 0CRM_CIC_CTI). This allows blended analytics combining communication data from CMS with business data from CRM.

A function module (SPS_STAT_DATA_GET) in the CRM system can be used to upload the statistical data into two separate tables – one containing the connection headers (CRMD_CIC_CTI_H), the other one all corresponding connections steps  (CRMD_CIC_CTI_I). All connection steps are assigned to a connection via the connection id (For more detailed information, please refer to the Sapphone RFD Interface Documentation). The Connection id is the link between the communication data and the interaction record. When an inbound call is accepted the CMS passed the connection ID to the Interaction Center. This connection ID is stored in the interaction record.

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  • I can not agree more to the Title of this blog. This actually has all the details about interaction record.
    I am working on a CRM 2007 project. We are using CIC in our project. We are also providing option for an user to login to a portal and create service tickets too so that they can do it online. We have exposed some custom RFCs in CRM which can accept the details from Portal and then create the service tickets. We wanted these Service tickets to be linked to a interaction record similar to IC and default category in Interaction record to activity category “Internet” .
       Now I know the usage of INTA, INTO, CRMCICANCH and its importance in BW reports. Thank you very much sharing the information.It will be very helpful in my project.
      After reading the blog(with so many technical inputs), I was surprised to see your signature as Product manager.(Expected the signature to be CIC   Architect) 🙂

    • I am just wondering about the interaction record for a call is call list. We are implementing CRM 2007 and cannot see any interaction record created after executing a call. I am interested if we can do this as well. I will find out then. If there is any hint, I would be very appreciated.
      • Hi Somporn,
        An interaction record is created for a call in the call list. When executing the call from the call list the system will ‘prepare’ an interaction. This to make sure that no inbound call comes in at the same time. When confirming the account, the actual interaction record is created.
        Regards, Gert
        • Hi Gert,

          thanks for the very useful blog about interaction record.

          I’m wondering whether the interaction record is created in the following scenario:

          1. the “interaction center agent” opens a pre-existent service ticket, which is lacking some information, and so he needs to call back the customer (outbound call)

          In this scenario there is no outbound call from “call list”, but it is however a “outblund call”. If the customer answers and the “interaction center agent” confirms the customer –> DOES the system creates an INTERACTION RECORD ?

          (in development i cannot test this event with the CSS simulator because there is no way tomake the customer answer)

          thanks for your support
          Angelo T.

          • Hi,
            An interaction record will be created when opening the service ticket from the inbox by pressing the ‘Interact’ button. Interact will automatically confirm the account.
            When opening a service ticket in display mode, and afterwards manually searching for account + confirm: this will also create a new interaction record.

            In general: a new interaction record will always be created when confirming an account, if no other interaction record is open at that point in time.


  • Gert,
    Great blog….it really gives u detailed information on Interaction record.
    I wanted to see how can u add more reason codes under in interaction record.Can u pls give me step to step procedure.


  • Hi

        Thanks! Enlightening blog in Interaction Record. My project needs attachment funtionality with the follow-up activity (Transaction type -Tasks) with the business role IC_AGENT.

        I see attachments with Tasks in the business role IC_MANAGER.

       How do you suggest to take advantage of this IC_MANAGER functionality in the IC_AGENT business role.

    Appreciate your time and efforts!

    Thanks in Advance


    • Hi Keerthi,
      The IC follow-up activity component does not support attachments. Best would be to replace this by the generic activity component. This can be done by changing the OP-mapping in the navigation bar profile.
  • Hi Gert,

    In your blog you said the following:

    “An interaction record is needed before creating a dependent business transaction because the confirmed account and contact person data is transferred from the interaction record into the dependent business transaction.”

    In you are accepting say, inbound calls from a CTI server via ICI, the contact person data you mentioned above will be only his/her phone number. Is there a standard way or interface already implemented to get SAP CRM Master data related to the contact person included in the interaction record?


    Renilton Oliveira

  • Hi,
    This blog is really good and helpful.I got so many clarifications regarding IC after reading it. One more query i have, i.e Can we define more than one transaction type within a transaction type profile.
    Actually, we have a requirement like: before an interaction record gets created we need a pop up to choose which transaction type would be used to create Interaction Record. Means user have options to choose transaction types.

    Thanks for your blog.


    • Hi Madhusudan,
      Unfortunately it is not possible to choose the Interaction record type. The interaction records is created in the background using one transaction type maintained in customizing.
  • Hi Gert,

    Your blog is very informative and crispy with the suffiecient information.

    Now I need a small clarification, for one of my client’s customer, 348 interactions are existing. But when we have checked in the IC Web screen ,it is displaying only 100 records. System is using standard SAP program for this. This may be because of system perfoarmance. But now without changing that program, do we have any alternative to display al linteractions (records) in the intercation history?
    If you have any idea, please update me.
    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Gert
    Superb blog.It gave me good insight about interaction record.thank you.I have a query.I want to create an IR without confirming the account.

    I will search for the account and propoerty and on selecting the account,automatically IR should get created. Can i acheive this?Is this possible?

    • Hi,
      In the account identification profile it is possible to configure an auto-confirm. This will automatically confirm the account on selection, and will as a result create an interaction record.
  • First of all thanks for this informative blog about Interaction records.

    My question is:
    Is it possible to create an interaction record or an activity without having a business partner?
    The scenario is that we have some incoming E-mails. The system should automaticaly identify the BP based on the sender E-mail adress and create an interaction record for this mail.

    But if the BP for some reason can not be identified in the system we still want the interaction record/activity to be created. Is this possible? If so how can we achieve this?

    Kind Regards

  • Hello Gert,

    Thanks for a excellent blog about interaction record. Can you please let us know how to display multi level categorization on Interaction record in SAP CRM 7.0.


  • Hi Gert,
    We encounter serious performance issues when confirming an account after having identified the account. This is not acceptable for our Contact center processes.

    Therefore we are wondering if it is possible to create an interaction record without confirming the account. After identifying the account and contactperson we have all the necessary information to create an interaction record. It is not necessary to collect all interaction history.
    Can you pls let me know if this is possible? Alternatively, you mention in your blog an autoconfirm. Would this perhaps improve the response times?

    When comparing the performance of the Web UI Interaction Center with the Interaction Center Winclient (CIC0 transaction) the performance is
    dramatically poor. The performance of the CIC0 transaction is almost 100 times better. We noticed the query statements used within CIC0 are somehow different from the ones
    used in the Web UI.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Harriët,
      There is typically not easy answer for your question. I would need to see your system. Would it be possible to set-up a call to discuss ? Please send me your contact data. My email address is
  • Hi Gert,

    Thanks a lot for this very usefull article! I have an additional question about interaction records. In our IC 7.0 EHP1 system an interaction record is created when a agent changes an already existing follow-up transaction from the Interaction History Workcenter, while this was not the case in our 6.0 system. The agent just changes the follow up transaction to add notes or attachments and does not want a new interaction record. Do you know how to change this behaviour? I noticed that in 7.0 the follow up transaction is opened from Interaction History search result list in Edit mode while in 6.0 this was Display mode?

    Thanks and regards, Wendy

  • Hi,

    Very interesting article. I wonder if you are able to give me some information about a situation that I am facing.

    On my company, sometimes (I was not able to reproduce it yet), but the system creates an entry on SRRELROLES for a service order guid (OBJKEY) with OBJTYPE = CRMCICANCH instead of CRMICCTXT.

    Does anybody know why this happens?

    This is causing me some problems, because when I open my service order on a IC WebClient business role, instead of the document being displayed on BT116H_SRVO component, the document is displayed on ICCMP_BTSHEAD component.


  • Hi,

    good job – thank you. However I am missing some background informations about lean version of interaction record. According to the documentation it can increase performance. I found only “The lean interaction record is a modified version of the full interaction record”. But in what way – what are the differences?

    Best regards,


  • Hello!

    Very helpfull blog even in 2017!) Thank you!

    If it’s possible thet you still checking for new comments, maybe you can help me with one question?

    What happens, if we accept inbound call, but cant confirm BP? Is interaction record created without business partner?

    Best regards,