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The BPX Community Book Finally here !…BPX Education and Certification #2

As I promised a few weeks ago..  I have some more updates around our BPX Community  efforts…In preparation for TechEd with more than 150 BPX related sessions and  with 425,000+ members in our community we finalized the first edition of the BPX Community wiki book. This book was created to assist in the adoption of our BPX community and crisply defines the environment, the tools and the evolution of the BPX roles. In the next two to three weeks you will see a lot of coverage around this book.  Feel free to forward this to people that you think might be interested ( click here for first free edition PDF )




I would like to mention and invite all of you to update the wiki book where think you can add value. Our version should be the first but not the last ! The book is around 130 pages and has the following table of contents.

Foreword by Zia Yusuf  ( Thanks Zia ! )

In case you feel the urge to buy the hard cover you can order it on

I am also excited to announce another important milestone that legitimizes the BPX roles and the BPX community. After my explanation around BPX Education and certification the very first BPX certification path provided by SAP education called: SAP Business Process Management for the Business Process Expert (BPX) [ this link will work in the next few days…] We will extensively talk about this during BPX Community Day during TechEd.  Marilyn has created a wonderful experience with the help of many community members. When BPX Certification Stars Align

Also Mario Herger and our BPX Mentor Jon Reed will perform a podcast around this new certification This has been a truly a great collaborative effort by The SAP BPM team, SAP Education and our core BPX team. ( Thanks Ann Rosenberg, Mario Herger, Marilyn Pratt, Joe Westhuizen, Shane Lipke and others who I might have forgotten !)

All of these efforts really help our community efforts and truly work hand in hand together and are great resources to get started with the BPX role.

Last but not least if you want to see me talk more about all of this and more feel free to join my session at My Session BPM104 at TechEd this year ! BPX community day and more..

When BPX Certification Stars Align

btw… did you see Dennis Howlett his blog on ESME project that will be demo at Demo Jam : ESME: anatomy of a community based project pretty cool !

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  • Marco:

    What can I say? This just left me speechless...Already download the e-book and give a quick review...Looks very well organized and full of great contents...And with Foreword from Zia Yusuf...Awesome!

    Also, 141 pages for a Community written book...Big achievement...Believe me I want to read it right now (Sadly I'm working)...

    Congratulations to all the BPX's involved in this project...And hope to meet you again this year at TechEd Vegas...I need more SDN/BPX presentation cards -;)


    • Blag.... I do not leave you speechless often, so we take it as a compliment. Enjoy reading it, and please continue to contribute. I am looking forward to see you again in Vegas at community day.