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Author's profile photo Mark Finnern

SAP Community Day Las Vegas Agenda at a Glance

Update Sept. 03: Main theater session takes place in Venetian Ballroom H, Level 2. Added the MobileWeaver session Louenas Hamdi from SAP Reserach.  

Update Sept. 02: Moved some sessions arround, biggest one is Jimmy Wales now early afternoon at 2pm. The popular Mentor hands-on sessions have been extended to 40 participants. Sign up for it on the SDN Day Las Vegas wiki. Vishal Sikka wanted  45 minutes for his Timeless Software talk by SAP CTO Vishal Sikka at Community Day in Las Vegas session which we gladly provied.

With almost 300 people signed up, we are close to capacity and I am really looking forward to my favorite part of TechEd. See you all there. 

Wow, just put the agenda for the Community Day in Las Vegas together and it is a really impressive line-up of cutting edge sessions and speakers for the SDN as well as BPX side of things. We are really proud, that just over a third of all SDN sessions are hands-on. Check it out, sign up and see you all there.

One thing is guaranteed, that this is not the final agenda. There will be sessions moved, speakers added … We put it out there already, because it is quite impressive.

More details to the different sessions you can find on our wiki: SDN Day Las Vegas, BPX Day Las Vegas

A couple of things to notice are Business Objects sessions are marked with BOBJ. Some of them are hands-on sessions. 

Whether Jimmy Wales will be available for a Q&A before his opening TechEd Keynote is not confirmed yet. Rest asured, you will be the first to know. 

I am really happy that SAP’S CTO Vishal Sikka has confirmed to be there for a session. When we asked the SAP Mentors whom they would like to talk to, he was requested the most. 

All sessions are exactly one hour long. The beauty is, that way you can pick and choose every hour a new track. Even if you have signed up for the BPX Day, if there is an SDN sessions that interests you, feel free to go to that one. The same is true for SDNers interested in a BPX session.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Just read the agenda...Pretty impressive! So glad to see my humble session scheduled -;) It's going to be a great Community Day...And geez...You got very intrigue about the "Surprise" -:D

      Go ahead...Make my Community Day! -:D



      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Blag,

      > You got very intrigue about the "Surprise"
      Actually it was getting late last night and I just put surprise as a place holder in there 😉 But there is still something that gets finalized. I'll let you know, Mark.

      P.S. I also did the first update, now all sessions hosted by SAP Mentors have an orange frame around their cell and Thomas Jung's and Rich Heilman's sessions switched places for a better flow of the Mentor Hands-on Track.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Mark,

      I'm another humbled BoF Coordinator to be represented on the day, but I have to admit, the enticing SAP Mentor sessions are going to be hard to go up against to get participants.  At Mastering Technologies in Brisbane this year; I moved my BoF session to not collide with Thomas Jung as everyone (and I mean everyone) just darn loves to hear him present (including me).

      Anyway, regardless of my potential lack of participants at my session, I'm really looking forward to my first SDN day at Tech Ed!

      BTW - On my PC (IE7), the table comes out fairly unreadable (I need to scroll along the text to see the full agenda.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Just an FYI that this page only renders properly under Firefox. The latest version of IE and Opera push the times after 11:15 off to the right side of the page.
      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Brian and Matt,
      Fixed the CSS problem, what a little
      in the HTML between the different screen shots can do.

      Jimmy Wales is confirmed, just have to adjust our schedule a bit so it fits into his 😉

      See you all there, Mark.

      Author's profile photo David Halitsky
      David Halitsky

      You've scheduled my session in the same slot as Ed's.

      But I'm going to Ed's!!!

      Anyone who doesn't either thinks he/she knows more than Ed (doubtful) or is from the "dark side" (Java-side).

      So I guess I won't be giving my session after all.

      Hmmm ... maybe that's what you intended ...

      Do I detect the fine hand of Craig Cmehil in here somewhere ?????

      Just kidding, Craig ... just kidding.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      He's got mine the same time as Rich's so you'll probably gonna have to do what I'm doing - buying Rich beer to give me the details of his session some other evening.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Same here...Mine it's the same time as Dan's...Which truly sux...But can we do? It's only one day and all slots must be arranged in the best possible way...



      Author's profile photo Dean Hinson
      Dean Hinson
      This will be my first SAP TechEd and I don't want to miss anything. So, my question is simply, do I have to register for the particular SDN Day session(s) I want to attend or do I just show up?


      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Dean,

      Yes and No. Most of the sessions are open and you just select the ones that you want to go to hour by hour.

      Now some of them are hands-on sessions with a space limit of about 20. For these you should go to the wiki page:
      Add your name to the session that you would like to go. Some of them are already at the limit and we are thinking about ways to extend these.

      Hope that helps, Mark.

      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Community Day folks,

      Good news, we have extended the capabilities for the SAP Mentor Hands on track with Thomas Jung, Dan McWeeney, Ed Herrmann and Rich Heilmann. They will use two servers and therefore can take up to 40 people in their session.

      Come and join the fun, Mark.

      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki
      ... that I am not able to join SDN Comm.Day this year 🙁

      Good luck and enjoy all sessions (including evening event ;)!