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I Tips to make yourself stand out! the other day with this statement,


I have a bet going, not a normal bet. If I win I get to give away a very cool prize at each of the SAP TechEd locations during the RIA Hacker Night. If I lose then I don’t have to do anything. The bet is simple, as of writing this blog we have 1317 profiles, a very small percentage of the total number of people actually able to create one. If that number increases to 1350 by Las Vegas then I do a giveaway, if it increases to 1400 by Berlin I do a give away  and if it increases to 1450 by Bangalore I do a give away.


Now since then I’ve been lucky or call it unlucky because we only have 1328 profiles at this stage of the game. So the question to all of you is the following, “Are all the things we working hard to do not convincing you yet or why have you not created yours?”



One we’ve not told you about would be how easy it is to include a video on your profile page as well, how about the one where you What did you ask?

Maybe I should randomly display cool profiles at the Clubhouse this year? Or we should randomly search for profiles of people attending Community Day? Would throwing a free book into the mix if you pull up your profile (the cool looking ones) at the Clubhouse or Community Day (you of course have to be there) help?

Or are we just wasting our time trying to help each of you be recognized in such a large community? 

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  1. Former Member

    We all know that WIKI profiles had been there for a while, but sadly people don’t like or don’t know to create them…Even when you’re offering prizes -:(

    Don’t know what else you can do, as you had released a lot of blogs talking about the importance of the WIKI Profiles…




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