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Last software push dates back quite a while – now we have provided an update on our SAP MaxDB community edition in the SCN download area. These packages may be used for free for your own or 3rd-party applications according to our community license. They must not be used along with SAP applications.

SAP MaxDB Version contains fixes for the latest security flaws reported, as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes . Additionally a new version of our Database Studio joins the track, also with extended functionality.

The new SAP MaxDB version is available for the platform set known, as there are Windows 32- and 64-bit, Linux 32- and 64-bit, AIX-PPC 64-bit, Solaris Sparc and 86, both 64-bit. New Database Studio is available for Linux and Windows, both 32-bit.

Download and join the community.

Your SAP MaxDB team.

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  1. Darren Hague
    It’s really good to see MaxDB being kept up to date in the Community – and I like the look of the Community License. Any chance we could see a version of that license being applied to any other SAP products – the NetWeaver application server, perhaps?


    1. Former Member Post author
      I should not comment on that – but if I talk to people involved I may point them to your comment on the license topic.

      Thanks for your encouraging message

    1. Former Member Post author
      no compiled list yet – sorry. you may utilize the problem tracking system’s advanced search but that is no real alternative.


  2. Former Member
    We use dbmcli and supply a backint (backup tool) as part of our backup solution. Customers who have upgraded to MaxDB are reporting their backups are failing. We have researched this and discovered that the Environment Variables we set before calling dbmcli are no longer being passed to the children of dbmcli (dbmsrv and then backint). It seems that dbmcli is deliberately only passing some of the default Windows Environment variables plus its own Environment Varibales downwards to its children.

    Is this deliberate? Is there a way around this?



    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi John,

      we had to do more ‘cleaning’ on the enviroment to close malware intruder options.

      Quote from our bug tracking system, that hopefully will help:

      “Now the environment contains the operating system default, the system environment on Windows or a configured environment on UNIX and the environment variable “TZ” form the caller’s environment on UNIX. Since this is the environment of the user “sdb” on UNIX, it can be configured in the section “Environment” of the file “/etc/opt/sdb”. This file must be owned by root.
      This change may cause errors if external programs are called by the DBM server like external backup tool or failover scripts.
      The operating system administrator has to make sure that the environment is set properly in “/etc/opt/sdb” or in the Windows system environment if external programs should be called.” 

      If further questions remain, pls post them to the SAP MaxDB forum.

      Best regards

  3. Former Member
    Is there a way on maxdb to force netbackup to use different initSID.utl files ? I have try to do it with different bsi.env file . But if i start the backup it keep on asking for the default bsi.env file in /sapdb/data/wrk/SID directory . I have set the variable BSI.ENV to the new file but it looks like it ignore it. Its on a sun solaris operating system

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